Reading a 100 books a year?

downloadFor the past 5 years I have read one hundred books a year. I know, it sounds crazy. How do I have so much time? I read every single day, and can quite often finish a book in one sitting but mainly I’m a fast reader.

This may be the first year(2018) that I fail this. This isn’t because I’ve been super busy nor lost my interest. It’s simple that I can’t find the books. Again this sounds crazy, but I’ve read all the YA books in my local library, and this is currently what I like reading best. This has left me a little lost. I’ve delved into the ordinary fiction section of my library, and read those that stand out to me, but I’m not quite ready to leave my favourite genre just yet. Contemporary is what I read most, fantasy and dystopian just aren’t my cup of tea.

I heavily rely on libraries as my access to books as I no longer want to collect books, I am trying to be more minimal with my possessions. I still crave a physical book, so kindles are my last resort,  I sometimes use my boyfriends if the library can’t get hold of a book I want to read. I have a TBR list (‘To be read’ list for those who aren’t quite a book worm haha) and shall continue adding to this. I have exhausted the google top lists, so would appreciate if anyone reading this blog post would comment their favourite/ must read books I should add to my list.

My all time favourite books are;

–  flowers in the attic -V. C. Andrews (could you have guessed? my blog name was taken from this)

– Catcher in the Rye – J. D. Salinger

– It’s kind of a funny story -Ned Vizzini

-The book thief –  Markus Zusak

-My heart and other black holes- Jasmine Warga

-All Cathy Glass books

I may start adding book reviews onto my blog.


  1. Carol anne from Manyofus1980 loves Cathy Glass. I’ve never read her, but might check her out after seeing two bloggers love her so much. She talked about a Rita somebody who she liked to read almost as much as Cathy Glass. Maybe go check her out and find that post, since you both share tastes. 🙂

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  2. Hi there !!

    100 books every single year?! Major respect to you, girl! That’s absolutely crazy, and I’m so jealous of your ability to be a fast reader! We have so much in common to be honest; Contemporary is my favourite genre as well, I heavily rely on libraries, instead of collecting books, and I’d much rather prefer to read a physical book over an ebook!

    My recommendations to you would be Alex, Approximately, Beautiful Disaster, and Paper Princess, which are all contemporaries, and are one of my all time favourites. I would also recommend Ready Player One, which is a book I read just a few days ago. Like you, sci-fi and dystopian aren’t really my thing, but this was an extremely enjoyable book. You can visit my Goodreads if you’d like more recommendations:

    —Prabhleen @

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    • Hello! Thank you for this reply, it makes me so happy to see someone with so similar interests to myself! Definitely adding all these to my TBR. I’ve read beautiful disaster and really enjoyed it! I’ve heard lots about ready player one, maybe I should try it. I’ll scroll through your goodreads now, thanks again!:)

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  3. I love this, and I heavily rely on the library too! I used to have so many books, but they started taking up a lot of space everytime I needed to move somewhere new. But, there’s still something special about having the physical book which is why libraries are great 🙂

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  4. 100 books a year! That’s fantastic. 🙂 Maybe I’ll make that a post-retirement goal but for now I have to work to get to 25. I like your comment on the libraries too – less consumption for sure. I might have to reconnect with that, especially via e-books, but I always found I was running out of time too often. Maybe once I’ve cleared my current backlog (lol when does that ever happen?)

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  5. I am love reading. I cannot read as often as I would like in the week. On my lengthy travels once a month in Sout Korea, I have now started to purchase a book. Many of my road trips are two to three hour travels one way. Therefore, I set aside a book every month to read on the bus. Also, I will try to find a book that is closely related to what I have in mind doing in the town/destination. For the love of reading, I would say it is a good mental activity to remain a brisk to relevant information.

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  6. Hey! I too love books! Counting my kindle history I have borrowed 137 books this year. Granted some books I started and hated or never read, but the majority I did read. I understand how you feel about physical books, but I’m going to try and convert you anyway. You could always do both!! My Kindle Unlimited account has been a godsend, it is only $10 a month and you can have 10 books on your device at one time. Kindle unlimited also offers books with narration in the Kindle unlimited account. You can highlight text and bookmark it. My favorite feature is the dictionary, I highlight the text and it defines the word for me. Kindle unlimited is great because you can get a different book to read instantly. I use the Kindle App on my iPhone, and I can get a new book in minutes. I am incredibly snobby when it comes to what I’m reading, so I have a really hard time finding books I want to read. But for only $10 a month I can always find something, and I’ve found I have started opening up to new genres. I love using Amazon because I can sort by reviews, and its easier to weed out the bad books. Sometimes I have to read a new book from a favorite author, and still I can go on Amazon’s site and purchase the ebook and have it instantly. I miss my paperbacks for the opposite reason, I want my house to be overruled by books! When my friends helped me move most the boxes were labeled books and they asked if I owned anything else! It took me some time to become a fan of ebooks but now that I am I can’t imagine ever turning back.

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  7. I find that middle grade or children’s fiction satisfies me in a very similar way to how YA does. Ever given it a go? (And kudos of course to you for being such a reader! Definitely do book reviews! 🙂 )

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  8. Well done on reading so much! I am an avid reader myself and will have a go at almost any kind of book. If you like YA books, I would recommend the Delirium Trilogy and the NewsFlesh and Parasite Trilogies.

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