• Age: 19
  • Books: Favourite is flowers in the attic. Currently reading Under rose tinted skies
  • Colours: White and mustardy/yellow are my favourite
  • Dream: To just enjoy life
  • Everyday start with: A glass of water
  • Flower: Sunflowers are definitely my favourite, so beautiful
  • Goals: Complete my degree to pursue my career
  • Height: 4ft 11
  • In love with: My boyfriend, food, reading, rain.
  • Job: Student
  • Kids: yeah! but not for another 10ish years
  • Last thing I ate: homemade cornflake cakes
  • Magic power: to be able to fly
  • Number of fears: Quite a few! Failure being the most feared
  • Outfit: Currently wearing a corduroy dress with dr martens and a pastel stripey cardigan
  • Passions: Reading
  • Quotes: A comfort zone is a nice place to be, but nothing ever grows there
  • Reasons to smile: Rain, a good book, gratitude, food, boyfriend, bedtime
  • Season: Easily Autumn!
  • Travels: Japan and Hawaii are the top of my bucket list
  • Under water animals: Whales are interesting
  • Vacation: Either a city weekend, or an exotic country
  • Worst habit: dermatillomania
  • X men character: I have no idea what this even means
  • Your favourite food: Potatoes! Chips, mash, crisps, roast
  • Zodiac sign: Libra ( i had to google this haha)

Thought I would join in this tag so you could learn a little bit more about me. I hope you enjoyed.


  1. X-Men is a Marvel comic about mutants with super human powers. A large portion n of it, from my experience, deals with the struggles those born with mutant genes face when ‘normal’ humans learn about their abilities. They are alienated, seen as threats, and many want to destroy them.

    It prompts some mutants to turn against humans, while others want to teach the humans that mutants are good people. The main protagonists, the X-Men are associated with Charles Xavier, who runs a school for mutants that helps them learn to live with their abilities as well as the usual school lessons.

    The antagonists include anti-mutant humans, and the less tolerant mutants who align with a man who goes by Magneto (he has the ability to manipulate metal).

    Mutant abilities vary widely.
    The most commonly known X-Men Characters among casual fans, to my knowledge as a casual fan, tend to be:

    Rogue – borrows life force and powers from others whenever skin contact is made, must wear full body covering.
    Cyclops – shoots heat from his eyes, can only contain the power with a special visor when eyes are open.
    Wolverine – Regenerative abilities, skeleton replaced with super-durable metal, knuckles can be extended as claws.
    Jean Grey – Very powerful telekinesis, there’s more but I’m not a serious enough fan to keep track.
    Mystique – Blue skin and very exotic appearance, able to take on anyone’s appearance. Often allied with Magneto.

    Probably more than you wanted to know. Lol. I’m a geek who has to answer things I know about, even if it’s just basic knowledge…

    I enjoyed your answers.

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  2. Awesome post! I’d love to tag myself as well, if that’s ok with you 🙂 I have Under Rose Tinted Skies in my TBR, I’d really like to read it!

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