My Top 10 Favourite Books Of All Time

A blog post about my all time favourite books I’ve read. It was hard narrowing down to so little, I’ve probably missed out some. This list is in no particular order, I love them all equally, haha. I’m aware all these books are contemporary/ ya, that’s what I read. This will only be brief summaries of the books(therefore no spoilers), if you would like a full review of a particular book, comment below!download

  1.  Flowers in the attic-V. C. Andrews: I talk about this book a lot, it has 8 books in total, but I’d recommend only reading the first. The story is one you’ll always remember. The first story is about 4 siblings who live in the attic of a mansion for multiple years.
  2. Catcher in the Rye-J. D. Salinger: I’ve reread this book at least 5 times before, I enjoy it so much. It’s a fast read, but one every teen should read.
  3. The book thief-Markus Zusak: I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this, as it’s based around the holocaust, but is targeted at a younger audience. The story focuses on a young girl who learns to read, while her ‘foster’ family hides a jew in the basement. You may tear up a few times!
  4. It’s kind of a funny story-Ned Vizzini: I have loved this book since I first read it as a preteen. It’s about a young adult suffering with mental illness, who checks himself into a psychiatric ward after wanting to kill himself. It’s a light hearted look into depression. The film is also very good, which is a lot coming from a ‘The book was better’ type of person.
  5. All the bright places-Jennifer Niven: I really enjoyed this Ya, but may be triggering for someone struggling with suicidal ideation. The book is an easy read, I read it one sitting.
  6. Turtles all the way down-John Green: I have not been a fan of other John Green books, but this one definitely stood out to me. I wasn’t particularly interested in the otp story line, but really enjoyed the aspect of the struggles of OCD, which made the book for me.
  7. When we collided-Emery Lord: The first book I read by Emery Lord, and my favourite. Again, I found this book unique as it was about a young girl with bipolar disorder, but still with the ya romance. Would recommend to any ya lovers!
  8. My heart and other black holes-Jasmine Warga: Another deep story about suicide, but one that really intrigued me, I hadn’t read a book quite like this before.
  9. We were liars-E. Lockhart: I can’t really remember this book, but have always said it was a favourite, I shall be putting this on my TBR to reread next month.
  10. Stolen- Lucy Christopher: I really wasn’t expecting to enjoy a book like this, it involves the kidnapping of a teenage girl, thrillers ect I avoid at all cost. This was different, like the main character, I too had sympathy for the 24 year old. It is a short read, but one I have reread multiple times.


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