My Anti TBR

I have a very long To Be Read list, and never thought I’d be doing the opposite. I’d love to hear one of your anti TBR in the comments! I saw this on a few blogs, and wanted to create my own. Therefore here is 6 books that I NOT to be read:Picture1

1.Harry Potter: I know, please don’t hate me, this is a very unpopular opinion. I’ve just never been into fantasy, so the books never appealed to me. There’s far too much expectation to read them now!

2. Brave new world: I have in fact actually attempted to read this before, and did not get very far. It messed with my mind too much, I no longer ever want to read this.

3. Red Queen: I’ve always been tempted by this book as its been very popular, as it is in every Top YA book list, and is always on every libraries book shelf. Again, I know I wouldn’t enjoy this book because of the genre, so I won’t be reading.

4. The hunger games: Same opinion as the Harry Potter series^

5. The shining: The main reason I shall not be reading this book as it is far too scary!

6. American Psycho- A book I kind of want to read, but I know will freak me out, so I won’t. I do really like the front cover of the book though!


  1. Harry Potter I didn’t expect to like but was pleasantly surprised. I tried reading the Hunger Games but didn’t like it at all. The Shining I saw the movie and it scared the living daylights out of me, so I’m definitely not following up with the book.

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  2. I loved Harry Potter, so gripped I couldn’t wait for the next book to come out. I agree with the scary books though, I just know they would give me nightmares

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  3. I feel like the Hunger Games falls more towards books like 1984 or The Giver than Harry Potter/fantasy cause I totally get you. I just couldnt find interest in the Harry Potter series(although I finished one book). It just didnt appeal to me. Its like when people love Star Wars… I would love to love it but just couldnt wrap my head aroung the idea of it lol

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