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I cured myself of anxiety?

download (2)My anxiety disappeared? You probably don’t believe me, or don’t think I had anxiety in the first place, But I’d like to share my experience.

I never believed myself to have anxiety, I have no idea how, as it was rather obvious. I even went to the doctors complaining of chest pain, that I never experienced at home, I can’t believe now that I didn’t put two and two together. My doctor told me it was probably just stress, so I assumed I was just being dramatic, and felt embarrassed I even went to see him in the first place. It mostly happened on trains, I have a huge fear of being unable to escape, which is why my anxiety was so high when traveling, hence the chest pain. I put the pain down to travelling, sitting down for long periods while moving fast, kind of like travel sickness I guess. Bear in mind, I was unable to step foot on a bus, tram or taxi during this period, as the fear of escape was too much to handle, I only got on trains as it was a necessary. I still can’t believe it took me so long to accept I had anxiety. A counselor diagnosed me with severe anxiety disorder, although I only believe it to have been moderate.

My attendance at college dropped drastically, to a mere 50% as I couldn’t control the anxiety of being in a classroom, and not being able to leave; feeling trapped. I couldn’t concentrate when in class because of this, so I did most of my work from home. This was happening at the same time I developed my intense fear of failure. (Another blog post I wrote)

The time I woke up and rationalized that I had anxiety was the day I was determined to ‘recover’. I refused to take anti-anxiety medication and decided to do this on my own. I started with giving myself a list of things I wanted to complete. For example; getting a bus. I didn’t go into straight away, it took time. I started with getting a bus with my boyfriend, he paid the ticket and pressed the button when we got off. The next time, he would still come with me, but I ordered the ticket ect. We did these steps until I was able to do it on my own.

I can’t believe I had this much determination, but am so grateful I pushed myself this hard, as I can now say I am anxiety free. I still experience it sometimes, but so does everyone right? This process didn’t happen overnight, many months, over a year later, I am now ‘cured’. I feel like a different person, I now have ambition to travel the world, who would have thought the intense anxiety I use to experience would turn into an adventurous person?

Thank you to anyone who read this post, I’d like to hear your comments!

18 thoughts on “I cured myself of anxiety?

  1. Good for you!! 💖💖 I’ve sufferent from anxiety all my life and, even telling myself what’s happening doesn’t seem to really help… But, getting out into the thick of things is definitely a way to stop it from getting worse. I always have jobs that deal directly with a lot of the public so I’m forced into social situations. If I let myself get holed up… I don’t think I’d ever come back out!!

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  2. This is an important story to share, I’m glad I read this and I’m happy you have managed to get your anxiety greatly under control. This is a great post! This kind of exposure therapy has worked a bit for me too (with phone calls, going out, etc) but there are other things it hasn’t worked on. I guess everything is a work in progress xx

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