Top YA Books about Mental Health

YA is my favourite genre of books, so I have read A LOT! These are some of my favourites that focus on mental health, which I feel is important to read about. I’ve managed pick books to include topics of: Bipolar disorder, Depression, Anorexia, OCD, Agoraphobia and suicide. I would appreciate suggestions of books about mental illness, or comment your favourite below.


When we collided by Emery Lord: 

I went into this book not knowing what it was about. A teenage girl moves away once she finds out she has Bipolar Disorder. It’s a love story too, she meets a boy. It was easy to read, but still very enjoyable. I haven’t read many books specifically on Bipolar, but this one is light hearted, despite portraying a manic episode.

It’s kind of a funny story by Ned Vizzini:


I recently wrote a review on this book, so I suggest just reading that. It follows the story of a teenage boy who want’s to kill himself. He checks himself into a psychiatric ward, where he stabilises his depression. I highly recommend this book!

My heart and other black holes by Jasmine Warga:

This has to be one of my favourite YA’s. It is about two teenagers who both want to end their life, but lack the courage. They are completely different people but meet on a website called Suicide Partners; where you plan to commit suicide but have a partner to


help you both. The ending surprised me. It made my heart ache at times, but would recommend for those who aren’t triggered by constant talk of suicide.

Winter girls by Laurie Halse Anderson:

I first read this book in my early teens, when I too was struggling with eating. I was not in the mindset to read this book, therefore I’d avoid this if you’re still struggling with you ED, as it has many triggers. I can’t remember it too well, but know it followed the story of a girl with anorexia.


 Turtles all the way down by John Green:

I recently read this book, and thoroughly enjoyed, I recommend to everyone, even if you’re not particularly wanting to read mental health related content. I was surprised by this book, I felt it gave a more realistic version of OCD compared to other stereotypical stories I’ve read. It had a weird side story, that I didn’t feel necessary, but I enjoyed nether the less.

Under rose tainted skies by Louise Gornall:


To start with, the cover is beautiful. This book wasn’t exactly unique, I’ve read similar. Despite this,I really enjoyed. It is about a girl with agoraphobia, and stays within her house. I didn’t relate, but still felt the anxiety when she did. It’s a short read, and I feel important to understanding severe agoraphobia.


  1. These sound like interesting books. I haven’t read any of them. I still want to read Consumed by Abbie Rushton. I read Unspeakable by her and loved it.

    If I can advise against a book, it’d be The Memory of Light by Francisco X Stork. I found it rather slow-moving.


  2. I liked Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella
    Stopped reading Turtles all the way down as found it triggering
    Enjoyed watching the movie version of It’s kind of a funny story.
    I love YA books 🙂

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  3. Some interesting books. I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone but the turtles one, which I plan on reading at some point. I’m bipolar and have had some really bad episodes of depressions. Bad enough to be admitted to the psych ward so those books would be interesting to read. Thank you for pointing me towards this post. 😀

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