September Wrapup 2018


I read 7 books this month, which isn’t very good for me. I was extremely busy, so am glad I still managed this amount. I’m only counting it as 6, not 7, as I couldn’t finish one. Despite only reading 6 books this month, I will still reach my target of one hundred books a year. I shall be rating all the books out of 5. Here goes:

  1. Words in deep blue by Cath Crowley: This was definitely my favorite read of the month. The book was written by two people, which I always enjoy. I got so attached to the bookstore in the story that I actually cried when reading the end of the book. I wasn’t a fan of the love story, but would still give this book 4.5/5.
  2. Walking disaster by Jamie Mcguire: I read beautiful disaster as a young teen and really enjoyed it. I just found out about this book, which is set at the same time, so was super excited about reading. It was weird, the story is identical to beautiful disaster, it was just the same as reading the first, but written in the view of a different character. Disappointing. I recommend only reading one of the two stories,as they are the exact same. 2/5.
  3. Open Road summer by Emery lord: This is the book that I’m not included as having read. I read a few chapters and found it too cringey to carry on reading, which is not like me! I really enjoy Emery Lords other books, therefore was very surprised to dislike this one. 1/5.
  4. Tell me 3 things by Julie Busbuam: I found this book on a list of top YA books, so definitely had to read as this is my favorite genre. The book followed a teenage girl who was writing letter to an anonymous person. The book wasn’t very unique but I still quite enjoyed. It was an easy read. 3.5/5.
  5. We come apart by Sarah Crossman: I picked this book up on whim at the library and was surprised, it is YA but a little different, I like how unique it was. Followed the story of 2 young teens, one from a very underprivileged home, and the other an immigrant with broken English. They meet at community service. I really enjoyed this. 4/5.
  6. P.s I like you by Kasie West: This is a popular book, so thought I would give it a go. I found it very similar to Tell me 3 things, they were both about anon letters. It was good, but nothing exciting, another quick read, which I like sometimes. 3/5.
  7. Goodbye perfect by Sara Banard: I didn’t know anything about this book before reading, and found it quite exciting. It is written by a teenager who is best friends with a girl who runs away with their school teacher. She is the only one in contact with her best friend, she keeps to her promise, but after finding out it is their teacher, she want’s to also protect her. 4/5.


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