The Versatile Blogger Award

7 Facts About Me: (This is a little hard as I wish to remain anonymous on here)

  1. I aim to read 100 books every year, I have been successful the past 4!
  2. I have super short but natural hair. It’s my favorite thing about myself, I constantly get complimented on it.
  3. I literally only read YA, contemporary and coming of age books.
  4. I’m only 4ft 11, not many people believe I’m in my twenties.
  5. I’m currently studying a degree. I think I want to get a Phd.
  6. I suffer with mental illness, which meant I had to leave education, but I’m now able to study from home!
  7. I adore snacking, I love eating crunchy food while I read haha.

I was tagged by Alex at @mybookworld24  , Thank you for tagging me!<3

I tag: @goldenbooksgirl @bookcoffeeehappy @theelvenwarrior @youarealoverofwords



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