Donating Blood and Self harm?

Firstly, I’d just like to put a trigger warning on this post for anyone who is sensitive to the topic of self harm, suicide and mental illness. These posts are written in diary form, therefore it is not necessarily factual/helpful to those who may be struggling, please take this into consideration when reading. If anything causes you concern, you are welcome to email me or reach out to a mental health helpline.


I’m planning to give blood for the first time in a couple of weeks, and I’m anxious. Not because of needles, or going to a new place, but if they will let me. I’ve googled, never a good idea, and there were lots of comment, but none that I found particularly helpful. I haven’t self-harmed in 4 years now, so do not have any fresh wounds or risk of infection. Therefore, I assume that I will be able to donate? I still have visible scars on my arms, so I can’t hide them from the people who take the blood. I don’t speak about my past struggle, so I’m worried the questions the nurses may ask.

I haven’t been able to give blood until the age of 20, as I’m very short and you have to have a certain liters of blood ect. I hope they don’t weigh me at the clinic. I sound very negative around a situation I can easily avoid, but I really would like to give blood. I’ve always wanted to, but haven’t been able to because of my weight, now I am in my twenties weight/height is no longer a risk. I want to be able to walk in the clinic, donate, and return again every 3 months. Let’s hope its that hassle free. Am I being realistic? Any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated!

I will do an update post next month, once the appointment has been. Thank you for reading. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! All I know for sure is if you’ve had some specific kinds of major surgery they will often refuse you on the basis that your body needs your blood (I can’t for that reason). I have never heard of ex self-harmers being rejected and can’t say I understand the logic of that, but I can see why fresh wounds may cause an issue. All you can do is ask really. I shouldn’t imagine that if it’s been 4 yrs they’d refuse for that reason alone. They will test the blood for iron and if you’re anaemic you won’t be able to, so get green leafy veg inside you and an OTC multi vit supplement can’t hurt either. My ex used to donate regularly, which is where I’m getting my info from. Hope it helps xx

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  2. I would think it should be ok. They want to screen out donors that are likely to have communicable diseases. With cutting if infections develop it tends to be from bacteria on the skin rather than infections transmitted person-to-person.

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