October Wrap Up

Hi, I’ve only had my blog 2 months now, but I’ve really enjoyed doing monthly wrap ups. I’m sure in the future I’d like to go back and see how much/what books I read. October has been a very busy month for me, which is unusual, hence why I only read 6 books. Don’t worry, despite this, I’ll still hit my 100 books a year! I’ve just begun a new job, therefore I will be using my kindle a lot more, as it’s more convenient for travel. Apologies for starting with a little ramble, here is my October wrap up;



  • More happy than not by Adam Silvera: I have a few books by Adam Silvera on my TBR, I started with this one. I enjoyed the book, but wasn’t a fan of the procedure the Aaron went through. I didn’t enjoy the story line very much, but liked the book otherwise. I think I’ll enjoy his other books more. 3/5
  • Made you up by Francesca Zappia: I’ve have wanted to read this for a long time, but found it hard to get my hands on a copy. I am so glad I was patient as I adored this book. It follows the story of a girl with schizophrenia, I found it very interesting and would highly recommend. I felt it gave a good perspective of this particular illness which I feel is rare.  5/5
  • A list of cages by Robin Roe: Another high rated book which I found unique. I would put a TW on this, as there was quite a bit about abuse. I really enjoyed the friendship between both of the main characters. Adam was my favorite! The ending of the book filled me with anxiety, rage and sadness, which made me feel very strong towards Julian. 5/5
  • Where has mummy gone by Cathy Glass: I’ve read every single book by this author, they are all written very similar, but each one focuses on a different child Cathy has fostered. This is her newest book out, so I had to read. I particularly enjoyed this one. If you have enjoyed one of her books, you are bound to enjoy the rest! These books are non-fiction, and cover sensitive topics, this one in particular is about neglect, poverty and the affects of a mother addicted to drugs4/5
  • When elephants fly by Nancy Richardson Fischer: I don’t have the words to describe this book. Unique. Heart warming. sad. It follows the story of a teenage girl who’s mother tried to kill her due to schizophrenia, the main character has spent her life trying to do anything to avoid triggering schizophrenia in herself. She aspires to be a journalist, which is how she ends up writing about a new born elephant. The story follows the life of the elephant, and will get you hooked. Would recommend you read! I even bought a teddy elephant and gave it the same name as I became so attached to the elephant in the story. This is now in my top 10 books of all time. I thinking of getting a physical copy of this for my shelf.  (Previous blog post will understand why this is a big deal) 5/5
  • Definitions of indefinable things by Whitney Taylor: This is a typical YA book in my opinion, but I still thoroughly enjoyed. Both of the main characters suffer with clinical depression. I like the title. I would recommend if you enjoy YA. 4.5

This was a quiet month in terms of reading, but found some absolute gems, which makes up for it! What was your favorite book you read this October?


  1. I should really do wrap up posts… They make life so much easier, and I feel like I’d remember what I read (and whether I transferred the reviews to goodreads and Amazon, which I keep forgetting to do..) 😂😂 great wrap up, it looks like you had a great month! 💖🥂

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  2. Well I think that 6 books is GREAT and you’ve read some great books, too! I read and loved Eliza and Her Monsters, I’m curious to read Made You Up by the author, it sounds amazing too ❤ And A List of Cages ahhhhhhhhh I loved that one so much. All the emotions. ❤

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