Emery Lord Author Review

I’ve never done a review of an author before, but thought it would be a good idea as I feel like some books don’t need a dedicated review post but I’d still like to talk about them. Today’s author review will be Emery Lord:


I first read The names they gave us, which I enjoyed the writing style and the development of characters, so decided to read another; ‘When we collided’,which is definitely my favourite book by this author. Open road summer is the only book I have a negative opinion on. I have enjoyed half of the books by Emery Lord, so would rate her 3.5/5 overall.

  • When we collided: I put this book on my top ya books on mental illness as I enjoyed this one thoroughly. It is about a young adult with Bipolar disorder. It was unique and felt they were trying to portray a genuine representation of the illness. Although they did entwine a long story into it, which I don’t feel was needed. I fell in love with all the characters in the story. 5/5.
  • Open road summer: Complete opposite to the above book. I didn’t enjoy the characters, I didn’t even complete this book (not like me) as I was far too cringey. Maybe better targeted at a younger audience. 1/5.
  • The names they gave us: This was the first book I read, which I randomly picked up in a charity shop without knowing anything of the author. To start with the cover is beautiful! I really enjoyed the story, again fell in love with of the characters, all very unique. I enjoyed the setting of the story,not something I usually focus on. An emotional read, I did shed a few tears on the main character and her mother. 4/5.
  • The start of me and you: I don’t have much to say about this one, I felt it was a very typical YA book on romance. It wasn’t bad, just nothing special. Sometimes I enjoy easy read books like this. 3/5.


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