November Wrap Up 2018

I again had a little bit of a busy month, but managed to read 7 books. I have settled into my new job, and have kept up to date with my degree. I have found a good balance of work, study and reading time. Here is a mini review of the books I read in November;


  1. Heretics anonymous by Katie Henry: I enjoyed this book as it had a little difference in the school setting. The characters were fairly unique, but I didn’t connect well with them. I liked how the main character was comfortable with his believes. I enjoyed the book, but wasn’t super overwhelmed. I enjoy the book cover! 3.5/5
  2. Highly illogical behaviour by John Corey Whaley: I’ve had this on my TBR for a while and was glad I finally got around to reading. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It was about an adolescent boy with severe agoraphobia. I liked how the characters connected despite the initial circumstance. I enjoyed the realism of the main character not being cured at the end. I’m very interested about books on mental health, and would definitely recommend this one! 4.5/5
  3. Letters to the lost by Bridid Kemmerer: I was prepared to feel emotional upon reading this series, and I had a right to be! It’s emotional! I really enjoyed both main characters, and felt their emotions just like they did. I appreciated the anger the characters felt towards each other, and wasn’t the standard fall in love. I really enjoyed this book. 4.5/5 
  4. More than we can tell by Bridid Kemmerer: This is the second book to the letters to the lost. It was just as good as the first. I really liked how it was about a different character, but still had the two main characters from the first book entwined in. I would book a trigger warning on this book, as there was a fairly detailed description of child abuse (physical; burning and broken bones). It was different to the first,but just as good! 4.5/5
  5. All the little lights by Jamie McGuire: Again a book that was on my TBR for a while, I read this on kindle. This was my favourite read of the month! I don’t want to give spoilers, but the ending was not expected! I enjoyed the thrill of finding the truth. It has a ya vibe, with a little bit of a dark background. The little aspects of the book made it special , the mother, the race of the teenager, family history, the house, trust ect. I would recommend to people who enjoy most genres! 5/5
  6. Girl against the universe by Paula Stokes: I liked how the focus on the book was about mental health, and improvement, the main character believes she is cursed due to the events that have happened in the past, she suffers with PTSD. I enjoyed the character development. A little cliche with the love story with the tennis player, but I enjoyed this character too. I was so happy that the big event at the end didn’t destroy her as I feared it would. The main character came out stronger, despite still struggling, I enjoyed that. 4/5
  7. That’s not what happened by Kody Keplinger: Not my average read, I avoid all media and books that involve shooting, terrorism, murder, mass disaster ect. I said I would challenge myself this month, so I did. This book was about a school shooting in America and is written in the perspective of the survivor. It makes me anxious reading on these topics, I am currently 83% in, and aim to finish this evening,hence putting on my November wrap up, but won’t be giving it a final rating until I’ve completed it.



  1. Ahh you’ve read a lot of books despite being busy, that’s great! I’m so glad you enjoyed Highly Illogical Behaviour and Girl Against The Universe, I really liked both of them 🙂
    Have a lovely month! xx

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  2. The premise of that’s not what happened looks so interesting and relevant, but the reviews are so mixed that I’m not sure whether I should read it. I hope the book works out for you and you enjoy the remaining 17%!

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