What I Accomplished in 2018

2018 has a been a memorable year for me, purely from the progress in battling my mental health. It’s been a super hard,but rewarding year overall! I thought I would make this post to show(and prove to myself) how much I have achieved. I ‘tag’ anyone reading to do this for themselves, I’d love to see what other people feel they have accomplished this year. I think it is a positive form of reflection, especially for me and those who struggle with worthlessness. So is what I am proud:

  • Starting a degree in Psychology: After taking a 2 year break from education to focus on my mental health, I have started a degree, which I am studying online. I’m a few months in and am really enjoying it. I aim to do a masters, maybe a Phd, so have at least another 3 years of studying left.
  • Results: I got 97% on an assignment for university, which really surprised me as I was worried I didn’t do well. I’ve been at least a week ahead of studying since the beginning, and aim to keep it this way.
  • Completed 3 months of CBT: I finally found the courage to start professionally working on my intrusive thoughts, and I stuck it out. Although it didn’t end well(my therapist left to open his own practise in another state so we had to finish) I still managed 3 months of daily therapy.
  • Became a barista: I left my last job because of mental health again. Recently I got a new part time job to do along side my degree. I’ve been there a month now, and I relatively enjoy it!
  • Combating intrusive thoughts: This is a huge thing for me,I have been consumed by my brain for so long, that it feels amazing to gain some control. I’m not completely better, but recovery is so worth it!
  • Read 100 books: I’ve already completed this with 4 weeks left of the year. 5th year in a row that I’ve read a hundred books a year!
  • Doctors: After struggling with my physical health for two years, I finally managed to force myself to go to the doctors office. (I only started this process a few days ago,it’s very overwhelming and has filled me with anxiety. Will do an update soon)
  • Balance: I have found a comfortable place in life, I feel productive, like I am now on the right track. I adore my living situation, am still with my partner of 5 years, getting a degree, earning on the side, all whilst enjoying things like travelling to other countries and reading.
  • Starting a blog: Lastly, I began this blog 3 months ago. I had wanted to have my own blog for a while but never got round to it. I’ve enjoyed having a platform to talk about books and mental health. Thank you to everyone who has supported me!


  1. Congratulations on your accomplishments! What a great idea. It looks like you’ve had a great year! I could never do a post like this now since it would pale in comparison to everything you’ve got done! πŸ’–πŸ»πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰


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