How reading changed me

I have been wanted to write this post for a while, but thought it was a little cringey. I then I realized the huge impact that reading has had on my life, so thought I would share anyway;

  • Knowledge and learning: I have learnt so much knowledge since I began reading lots. I now have a much better insight into mental health/illness, so much so I am now doing a degree in Psychology. I know lots of random facts, which I have remembered from books I’ve read. People often wonder how I know so much content, and its honestly just from reading.
  • Acceptance and understanding: I have read books from all different perspectives, and have insight into other cultures, religions ect that I may not have if I didn’t read about them in books. I feel I am a much more accepting person now, and am definitely not as judgemental as my teenage self.
  • Distractions: Reading has gotten me through some pretty difficult times. When my head is screaming at me to end my life, I have absorbed myself into a story, temporarily giving me a break from my struggles. I rely heavily on distractions when I have intrusive thoughts, and I’ve learnt that reading is a great one! Therefore reading has benefited my own mental health!
  • Literature skills: This sounds a little cliché, but having read 500 books in the past 5 years I have gained some knowledge on how writing works. This has helped me the writing involved with my degree.
  • Passion: I often feel I lack hobbies, and feel worthless. Reading is the only hobby I have consistently and always will adore! It’s given me an identity, everyone who knows me knows how much I love to read!


  1. I totally agree with you especially acceptance and understanding part! It’s just so marvelous how much you learn from reading books. About mental health, I’ve read John Green’s Turtles All the Way Down this year! It was a pretty good read 🙂

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