What I aim to achieve this year (2019)

Happy new year! I’m not usually one for new year resolutions, but this year I have a list of things I would like to achieve. Comment below what you want to achieve!

  • Fly international for the first time
  • Worry less! (I feel this will be the hardest one)
  • Complete 2 modules of my degree!
  • Blog a few times each month (Only things that I am happy with)
  • Read 50 books (I have read 100 for the past 5 years but feel this will be a busy year)
  • Look after my physical health; Eat nutrient dense foods as well as yummy snacks! Only exercise for health and not because I have to.
  • Keep my possessions to a reasonable minimalist
  • Travel to places I haven’t been before. (I already have one booked!)
  • Read all the books on my current TBR (There isn’t many so I feel I could achieve this)
  • Make a friend. (I struggled a lot with loneliness in 2018, and hope to find a genuine connection with someone)
  • Control dermatillomania better. My face is always clear when I don’t obsessively pick my skin and that makes me happy!
  • Begin pen-palling with new people and connecting without the internet
  • Keep a mental health diary. (I want to record how many ‘bad’ days I have in a year)
  • BE HAPPY (so cliche, but I want to carry on trusting my gut and being myself)


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