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‘Couch’ Coffee House- Sheffield: Review

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I first visited Couch at the Ecclesall road location, and the other week I went to return and this location was no longer there, I did not know it was closing, very suprising. Couch still have another location on Campo Lane, I haven’t yet visited this one, but I’m sure my review will represent both.

I didn’t research this coffee house before going, It simply appealed to me as I was walking past. The interior was very trendy, yet relaxing. I went with my partner and parents, 6 of us in total which is a large gathering compared to my usual visits to coffee shops alone. We chose our seats instantly, and went straight to the till to order, where we had the option to have a tab open.

We originally were only going for a warm drink, but couldn’t resist the cake display. They had a large range of cakes, including 3 vegan options(I have a dairy allergy). My chosen cake was chocolate biscoff(as pictured). It was so big I had to take half home with me. It was amazing, I would definitely get it again! The cake was heavy,but moist, one of my favourite vegan bakes I have had before. My partner had the red velvet cake(not vegan), which again was ginormous and apparently delicious!(Despite him not being a cake lover)

The pricing was average, the lunches looked a little overpriced, but I’m purely a coffee and cake kind of gal, so didn’t venture into that section. It was roughly £6 each, for one large cake and hot drink (I had a medium soya chai latte, which was very good).

My only downside to this store, is that I wouldn’t be comfortable studying here. I like a upright chair and table, with bright light. It was more relaxing, dim light here, perfect for lounging on the sofas with coffee chatting to friends. They did have free wifi.

This is my first coffee shop review, so I’m not sure what to add, so any advice/positive criticism is greatly welcome, or even just share what else you wanted to know.

Overall ‘Couch’ receives: 8 coffee beans out of 10.*

*I’m going to rate each coffee house out of 10, and shall be calling the points ‘coffee beans’*


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