World book day 2019/ Favourite children books


Here in the UK today, 7/03/19 is World Book Day! It’s mostly associated with going to school dressed up as your favourite book character and promoting children to read more. A very fun day, I have lot’s of fond memories of these days. As I’m an adult now, we don’t really do much. Instead I am going to do a blog post on my all time favourite childhood books. Here goes:

  • Matilda by Roald Dahl: This is my all time favourite book(&movie).
  • The Complete Tales Of Beatrix Potter: Peter Rabbit is a classic, and had to be included on this list! I have lot’s of special, vintage and new peter rabbit items,which I adore!
  • Winnie The Pooh: Another classic,and one I still adore to this day. If you haven’t seen the movie ‘Goodbye Christopher Robin’ that came out last year, you’re missing out! I still wear Winnie the Pooh clothes, pin badges ect. So cute!
  • The BFG by Roald Dahl: This author was probably my favourite once I began to read books on my own, so I’d probably include them all on this list,but BFG is one of my tops. Again this recently had a new movie that came out, which is really good! I adore the wording in this book, like Hopscotchy and Whizzpopping.
  • Best Friends by Jacqueline Wilson: My favourite author as a child, I read every single book she put out. My favourite show was Tracy Beaker which is a programme based of one of her books. There are so many good books from this author that I could include.
  • We are going on a bear hunt: This book was read to be so often as a child, especially in school. Rhyming book that everyone knows the words too.

Do you celebrate world book day?? Comment below, and share your favourite childhood story. Happy Reading!


  1. i have so many favourite children’s books; they still fill my bookshelves. a series i love is “the dark is rising” by susan cooper, and the like-titled second book is my favourite of the five.

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  2. I went to school dressed up as Where’s Wally! My Year 6s have been designing their own watercolour bookmarks and then they made their own WBD Quiz!
    I used to love the children’s books by Geraldine McCaughrean which were about a witch called Wizziwig. You hardly see them anymore but they were so much fun!

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  3. I’m a primary school teacher so have been to school (and the dentist!) in my PJs. We’ve had an amazing day of sharing books and stories. Anything by Enid Blyton graced my bookshelves as a child, and I still have some of my dad’s childhood copies!


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