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The Whaletown Coffee Company: Review

I stumbled into this coffee house as I had some time to kill before an interview. I went with my partner, I had heard of the place as I got a leaflet with 10% off at a Christmas market. Inside has a minimalist feel, very trendy, with a large glass window at the front, with little succulents dotted around, a quite small location.

I ordered an almond milk flat white, and my partner a latte. They accidentally got our order the wrong way round, so I ended up with an almond latte as I didn’t want them to have to remake our drinks, I didn’t mind. Soon after, they bought over a slice of vegan flapjack to share to apologise, this was very sweet of them and the cake was amazing!! A coconut flapjack with dark chocolate, it tasted like a bounty! So yummy! It was also gluten free, they seemed to cater to a few allergies. I couldn’t see what dairy free milks they had on the sign, but when I asked they seemed to have a few options. As well as dairy/gluten/vegan cakes which is fab!

The coffee had  a lovely taste, even my none coffee loving boyfriend had to agree it was the best flat white he has had before. The drinks were very reasonably priced for an independent coffee shop!

My favourite aspect of The Whale Town Coffee Company was the staff, they were very friendly and accommodating, and can make a dam good coffee! I didn’t get the name of the two men, but I hope they know how lovely they are, thank you!

I’d give The Whale Town Coffee Company 9 coffee beans out of 10.


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