I was scrolling through a charity shop in the 2 for 50p sale and saw ‘Boy’ by Roald Dahl; the first book of his childhood biography. I grew up reading Roald Dahl books, some of my all time favourites include Matilda, The twits and the BFG! I know this biography is targeted to a younger age, but having not read, I had to buy! Luckily enough the 2nd book was sitting right next to the first, so I bought both for 50p!

I went straight home and read the first book in one sitting. It was so nostalgic reading one of my favourite authors. ‘Boy’ was one of the funniest books I’ve read, I was actually grinning while reading haha, ‘Boy’ is Roald Dahls childhood stories, and boy are they funny! Would recommend for all ages ,especially previous lovers of this author. The second part ‘Going solo’ was his experience being in the war, gripping but not in the same humerus way as ‘Boy’. I really enjoyed this book too, but was far more intense! It was bewildering how many times he escaped the worst! What a strong person.

I didn’t expect to read these books, nor even heard of them and was more a spur of the moment. But I am so overjoyed I did! These books really helped me get out of my current reading slump. As I previously written in blog posts before I no longer buy copies of books anymore, but for 25p I don’t mind giving them straight back to charity now I have read them.

I thoroughly enjoyed these books and would give them both 5/5.

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