I quit therapy already?

I had my first private therapy session two weeks ago, and it has taken me this time to make a decision. I have a whole list of the benefits and cons on starting psychotherapy at this point in my life. Here are my reasons why I’ve decided not to begin now.

Firstly, private therapy is very expensive, although I work part time, I am still a full time student, and simply don’t have the extra disposable income at this point in time. Especially as I am moving house in June. Which is another reason why I have decided against starting now, I feel like the next few months are going to be very busy, I have a huge deadline for my degree also. I feel I can’t purely focus on my mental health and therapy, which is important.

I am going to wait to start therapy until I can purely focus on only at. You may think this is impossible as life is always busy, but I know from experience that I have had the time to. Therapy will be lots of hard work. The first session I had left me emotionally exhausted for days! Therefore, I shall wait for a point in my life where I have the time and environment to be a little mentally down, which now is not the time. I do believe that therapy can leave you feeling temporarily ‘worse’, as you delve into your struggles.

I am not throwing therapy completely out of the window, I aim to start again in the future. If things deteriorate to the same extent it were, I would start sooner rather than later. But for the past 6 months plus I have been doing really well, so it’s not urgent. I also feel like as I am doing the first part of my degree (bachelors) in Psychology, that it would be beneficial to go through therapy as it is a recommended experience if I were going to pursue a career in this field.


  1. I can only recommend to either take the time or wait for a point in your life when u have more time to focus on therapy. I had to pause my studies bc I was hospitalized due to my depression and borderline but it was worth it since I’m now way better than ever before and therapy has helped me a lot. However you are right and it is very important to be able to focus on it. I wish u the best of luck as a fellow psychology student and hope you have the strength to get to the point where you can go to therapy. Stay strong

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    • Thank you for your comment and well done for getting where you are now! I too had to pause my education when I was unwell, but did not engage in therapy, which would have been a good time.. haha. Thank you so much,stay strong!


  2. I guess being busy with your studies and work gave you an opportunity to not dwell on your issues that much. Good to hear that you are in a very good state right now and am so happy for you. 😊 Just don’t forget to have fun despite your busy sched😘

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  3. For me, it was a choice between doing the therapy or quitting my job, and as a teacher with a whole class of kids depending on me I felt like I had reached the point where I had no other choice. Just as I started therapy I read a book called Remember This When You’re Sad by Maggy van Eijk. It really helped me to get some things into perspective. It might help you in the mean-time whilst you’re waiting for the right moment for you. ☺️

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    • It must have been a hard decision for you, I’m glad you made the best choice for yourself, and hope your doing well! Oo, I haven’t heard of that book, I’ll definitely give it a go. Thank you so much for your comment 🙂

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  4. This is a great post. I relate to a lot of what you said- I think therapy could be beneficial but I’m not at a point in life where I could afford to spend the time and money. Thank you for sharing, I feel like this perspective can help a lot of people

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