Books I recommend everyone should read

This list of suggestions is just my opinion, and are the books I would recommend if people were to ask me what they should read. I feel any age/gender ect would enjoy these books. I would love to hear your book ideas in the comments, and shall add them to my TBR if I haven’t read them myself.

  • Catcher in the rye: A class coming of age book! Reason why its read it most English classes at school.(although I didn’t haha). A short read, but one I thoroughly enjoyed and feel most age groups can enjoy.
  • Anne franks diary: An important part of history that brings you a personal view on the holocaust. I went to Amsterdam a few months ago, and made me appreciate this diary even more. Written by a teenage girl in during the holocaust, includes everyday teenage thoughts as well as the tragedy of their situation. Targeted at young adults, but every age should read this!
  • It’s kind of a funny story: A light hearted book on depression and mental illness. A good read for those who are not knowledgeable on mental health conditions. A YA book, that I feel adolescents should read.
  • The book thief: A really unique book in the aspect that it is written by death. This is one of my favorite books, and always suggest to someone who asks me whats a good book.
  • Flowers for Algernon: A very short read, much different to what I usually read, but was so different and interesting that I suggest everyone adds to their TBR. I think it is classed as a Science Fiction.
  • Flowers in the Attic: I only added this one as it is my favorite book, so tell everyone to read!


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