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Five Rivers Sheffield- Coffee shop Review

A little Vietnamese cafe very close to one of my partners student house, so was a very short walk away for me to visit. It is bright orange and often known as ‘that orange coffee shop’. Inside they have a carpeted area with low to the floor tables and lots of cushions where you can sit comfortably on the floor, you have to take your shoes of if you choose to sit in this area. I found it very cosy to study in this way. They also have ordinary tables and chairs if this isn’t your thing.

My favourite thing about this cafe is their Vietnamese coffee. It comes in a traditional pot placed on top of a mug, and the coffee drips into the mug, onto a bed of condensed milk.(hard to explain, so I’ve inserted a photo). They also had the option of condensed coconut milk, which I didn’t even know exited. This coffee is very sweet, and not my usual choice but is such a nice sweet treat! I usually have the cold brew, which is also in the photo below.

They also have a really good food menu, they’re baguettes are super yummy, with so many filling choices! You can choose one item from each category, this is my favourite item from the menu, this is quite a big sandwich and comes with a side of prawn crackers. They also have a range of vegan options. The food is quiet pricey as a student, although they do offer 10% student discount, and have a reward card where every 6 coffee stamps you receive a free one.

I would give Five Rivers 8.5 coffee beans out of 10! It’s a trendy unique little coffee spot.

The traditional coffee dripping onto a bed of condensed milk. Closer cup is a cold brew.

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