Never too old for YA

It is without a doubt that Young Adult is my favorite genre of book to read. That is to say that I do not read any fantasy/dystopian or horror books. I mostly focus on contemporary. I only really enjoy books that have a realistic aspect to them, hence why I dislike other genres such as fantasy ect. I am aware that the most enjoyed YA books include this genre. Books such a ‘Red Queen’ are ones I want to enjoy due to their popularity, but I know it’s not for me. Sometimes I wish I was more ordinary, then my library would be much broader!

This particularity reduces the amount of books for me out there to read, and I feel like I have read most from this genre already. I read on average 100 books a year, and only this year I have struggled to find new books of my favorite genre to enjoy. This will be the first year in the past 5 that I will not reach my 100 book goal. I simply can’t find any more YA. My local library has a YA section, but is filled with mostly fantasy. Where is the contemporary??

I am not a teenager, I should be looking into more ‘adult’ books to enjoy, seeing as I have exhausted the young adult. But… I enjoy young adult so much that I’m not ready to move on. YA is just a target so a company can get an audience. There is no age on books. Read whatever you wish! It isn’t immature to read a genre not targeted towards you.

I love reading, adore it! I’ve lost my passion this year, I want it back. My usual slump tips aren’t helping, any suggestions? I’m thinking of rereading my favorite YA books in an attempt to re-spark my passion.


  1. When I’m in a slump I re-read my old childhood favorites because they are a quick read or I re-read one of my favorites. I’m not a contemporary fan myself so I cant help you out there. Perhaps try some light historical fiction? Historical fiction books have that realistic aspect to them while being an entertaining read at the same time.

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  2. I completely agree, there’s no age limit on books, you can read whatever you want! It’s your time you’re spending reading so you might as well enjoy it reading what you enjoy! I think I’m on the verge of what people might say as being ‘too old for YA’ but for me, I relate to it more and not only that, but I’m not looking for books I find difficult to read most of the time whereas YA contemporary gives me that, even though the topics handled can be tough, I just feel that the writing itself is so much easy than other books, especially fantasy. I definitely recommend rereading favourite YA books to get you out of a slump, sometimes we just need to pick up something we know we’ve enjoyed in the past. I hope you manage to get out of your slump soon!

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    • Yes, I love this comment! I want a book that isn’t difficult to read, but still has a little challenge! Yes, today I am going to pick up my all time favourite book and start fresh! Thank you so much.


  3. Check out Book of the Month. Yes, it is a monthly book club but they have helped me to branch out and find new books and genres that I didn’t know that I would like.

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  4. Have you tried historical fiction YA books? Not quite the same as contemporary but definitely a similar feeling (and no fantasy component). I really like Cindy Antsey’s novels as well as Deanna Raybourn’s Veronica Speedwell series.

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  5. First off I wanted to say thank you for the following, secondly, your blog is absolutely beautiful, and third, Flowers in the Attic is one of my faves also.

    I love the YA genre, mostly contemporary as well. Have you read Winger by Andrew Smith?

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  6. I totally agree with you. I’m way past the age of “YA appropriate” but hey, if I like it, why should I stop reading it when it doesn’t bother anyone else? I really dislike it when people side eye me when I say I enjoy YA. 🙄 You read what you like and what brings you joy! Hope you find that spark again.


  7. I agree. I thoroughly enjoy YA books well, and believe there isn’t an age limit for them.
    An author I enjoy (who does some scifi, but more realistic stories as well) is Kelly Oram. Her books are directed more towards teens, but they’re still relatable no matter your age.

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  8. I also really enjoy YA/NA books — well, so long as they’re well-written! (As is the case with most books!) The bookstore owner in my hometown is very adamant that the “recommended age” listed on books should ONLY reflect the font size … A good book — a good story — is one that equally impacts a 5-year old, 15-year-old, 25-year-old, and 50-year-old.

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      • He’s an interesting guy with some big ideas about books – the privilege of working in the industry for 40 years I guess 🙂 I suppose he meant the core of the story vs. specific add-ons … leave it at “true love” for the kids version … and add some more naughty scenes to the adult edition lol


  9. Yes, someone finally said it! I’m so sick of everyone acting like I’m too old for YA. Some of my favourite authors write YA, check out Holly Bourne, Alice Oseman and Sara Barnard if you haven’t already.

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