What to do for mental health awareness week?

It is known that I struggle with mental illness, and considering it’s mental health awareness week 2019, I want to write a post but I want to make sure my post is important/helpful/what others want. What would you like to see this week? Open to any suggestions! or here is some I could potentially do:

  • How to tell someone you are struggling/ its okay to ask for help
  • My medical experience with mental illness/ going to the doctor
  • Why I don’t use medication as treatment (anti psychotics, anti anxiety ect)
  • How I overcame self harm/ 5 years on
  • Education/ working with mental illness advice
  • Q/A, answering any questions relating to mental health (can be general or personal or advise)/ comment them below
  • My therapy experiences (CBT, online and psychotherapy)


  1. I would love to hear about your experience interacting with people who don’t suffer from mental illness. With friends who also struggle it’s easier, but I can’t seem to make some of my other friends understand the energy it takes and the fact that they have to be patient

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  2. Ohh, I didn’t know it was mental health awareness week! I thought it was in October. Personally I would like to know your experience with the doctors and meds. For me, I work well with my doctor and medication, but I know that some don’t have the same views as I do

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  3. Be open with whatever you want to be open about. With regards to my own mental health, being open about it has been a process. Given that fact, I don’t feel it’s right of me to tell others what they should be open about with their mental health.

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