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I’m only open about my mental health on my blog?

I am very open about my mental health on my blog, I talk about the current struggles, the past, I’ll answer any questions and share even the deepest thoughts. This is the complete opposite to what I am like ‘irl’.

My struggles with mental illness began around the age of 14, and those close to me; family, friends and teachers all noticed something was wrong. I began seeing a counselor through my school, but did not engage at all. During my exams a friend saw my self harm marks and told the school. This was an extremely anxious time for me, as my worst fear was people knowing. Luckily for me, there was a miscommunication and the lady in charge of health did not get the message. It was a week before I left school, so it was never followed up, and graduated. I am appreciative now of the friend who tried to help, but we have drifted apart since we moved to other sides of the country.

Therefore, I left school without anyone knowing the extent of my mental health. Even I wasn’t aware of the severity of how I was feeling. I assumed it was what every teenager went through, and would disappear as I grew older. I can confirm that that did not occur haha.

The only person who knows how I truly am is my partner. Even then it took me two years to be open. I found it extremely difficult but am glad I did. This was a few years ago, and has been very supportive through my journey, and sees my progress with me. I am comfortable with just one person knowing. (Should I make a separate post on the pressure of supporting a loved one with mental illness?)

My part time job does not know of my mental health issues, and as I do not feel it affects how I work, I shall not be mentioning it. Yes, work is a lot more harder for me when I am having intense intrusive thoughts, but so far I have gotten through every shift. I do my degree through a distant learning institute, therefore also feel it is not necessary for them to be aware. My current situation of working and education is working well for me. I am adult still in education after taking a few gap years to focus on my health and this sometimes brings negative feelings, but I’m fine once I recognize my progress. There is no time limit!

I’m sure people are going to have different opinions to me. This is not a good time to be posting this, seeing as it’s near mental health awareness week. But I want to ensure I am not hiding my mental illness as I am embarrassed ect, I am all about raising awareness! It’s just personal preference for my life. It is easy to write on my blog, as I created this space to be anonymous and therefore can write without fear of judgement. I also like that those reading have to create an image of who they think is behind the writing on these posts and I wonder if they are all the same?

I’m not happy with the jumbleness of this post, but it’s my unknown blog and a place for me to write my thoughts. I am safe and well, and that is most important!

I have also wrote a mental health related post about being with someone/connecting with friends who do not suffer with mental illness and all that entails. I hope to upload this before mental health awareness week ends.

15 thoughts on “I’m only open about my mental health on my blog?

      1. Yes, agree. Also, those who’ve been through the same are less likely to unintentionally say things that might offend us. I mean, my husband means well but sometimes he doesn’t know what to say.

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  1. I respect your decision. I considered myself pretty open regarding my mental health and illness, both online and in real life. I enjoy sharing my story because it educates others, and is just one way of fighting the stigma that surrounds it.

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  2. I can understand how it’s easier to open up and be vulnerable online. There’s no facial expressions, no one you would ever meet face-to-face. I’ve definitely done the same myself at times. And it’s actually an encouragement to see such vulnerability/openness. I’m glad to see it!

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