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Kahaila coffee shop Brick Lane London. REVIEW;

This was my first experience on Brick Lane, in the heart of London City. We all know how much I enjoy a iced coffee, and always try to stick to independent stores. I had some time to kill, and this coffee stop stood out to me. I hadn’t heard of it before, so I went in with zero expectations.

Firstly, the cake display stood out to me most; the cakes look delicious. My partner and I decided to just share one, and he chose a caramel brownie. It was very sweet and rich, but scrumptious! It would have been too sweet to have one each. I decided to have a oat milk iced latte. It came in a mason jar with a paper straw and was made with fancy oat milk haha. The coffee was really smooth, not bitter and was very creamy; may have been the milk. My partner had a ‘normal’ milk iced latte which he thoroughly enjoyed.

This location had lots of seating area, all wooden, the interior was very trendy. It was very busy when we arrived, but managed to find a seat. The free wifi connection was good. They had a large container of free infused ice water, which looked like mint, orange and cucumber. The coffee was average coffee shop price, which is good considering we were in central London. I am unsure if they had any vegan or gluten free food options. I was not charged for dairy free milk option, unlike lots of other coffee shops.

After our visit, I decided to google the coffee shop and saw it benefited many women supportive charities, another bonus! I think they should advertise this more! I enjoyed my visit here, and would recommend for anyone in this location.

Overall, I’d give Kahaila 8 coffee beans out of 10!

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