Mental health update;

This month is going to be very busy for me, so I thought I would do a current update while I have the time. Mostly, I am great! I have accomplished so much this year, and that is motivating me to keep going, and carry that on!

I am spending a couple of months alone this summer in our new apartment as my partner will be away. I am still a little worried, but am more equipped to cope alone. I have a few extra hours at my part time job which will be a good distraction! I’m not going full time as I feel that would be too much, especially as I don’t get a summer break from studying my degree like most students do. Combined studying and working should keep me busy!

I never thought I would be trusted to live alone for so long, so I must be doing well! I usually eat a lot healthier when alone, which I am looking forward to. I am hoping to try lots of new recipes! We are moving apartments very soon, I can’t wait to organise everything, as well as have my own office!

I am excited, and I think this is contributing to me wanting to keep going. I hope I don’t plummet after I’ve settled in. I’ve started (restarted) a bullet journal which I shall use as a distraction in the evenings if I am struggling. I also have a listography book, and wreck it journal, combined with my bullet journal, I am thinking of making a separate segment on my blog for arty/distractions? I’m am not creative at all, but think it’s a good outlet/ a place to start.

I am still getting intrusive thoughts, but not so frequent. They are still quite intense, but my partner has been there to support. I wish they’d go, but I am ok.

Recently I am really enjoying writing blog posts, I have lots of ideas, and a few pre written. Any posts you’d like I can add to the list. I have taken the pressure of myself, and just posting as and what I enjoy. This post is very rambly, but sometimes that is ok.


    • Great question, not silly! It’s just a creative way to organised information in your life; like a diary. Mine has a focus on logging my mental health daily so I can see patterns ect over time. I’ll take pictures and add them to my posts when I start that segment!

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