I thought I’d never use a kindle…

As most of us in the book community, we are dedicated to a beautiful physical copy of a book, being able to turn the pages, appreciate the covers, the smell ect. Well I sure was, and can still appreciate this! I was anti E reader for a long long time. (I even had badges on my ruck sake that were anti kindles haha) Until recently..

To start with, I have taken a much more minimalist approach in life. I decluttered nearly 200 books! I only kept my top 10 all time favorite or sentimental books! I thought I would ‘miss’ my books, but it’s been a while since I did this, and haven’t even thought about them. I had read them all anyway, so I have the books in my head! A kindle is equivalent to millions of books, but only 1 item, my current dream!

The main reason (apart from book clutter) I have switched from hard copy to kindle is finance! There is access to lots of free books, and buying a Ereader copy of a new book is normally cheaper than buying a physical copy! Especially if you order online and have to pay for shipping. Therefore, switching to a kindle is more affordable and cost effective!

I am moving apartments soon, and no longer have a library local to me. Even my current local library doesn’t have a very good YA section, so I don’t often visit. Thus I have found a kindle to give me much easier access to more books!

Lastly, I am currently always on the go. I go on long trains journeys and I travel, in addition to getting public transport to work; I have found a kindle to be more convenient for the travelling aspect of my life, which is quite big this year. It is much lighter than a book, and also takes up less space! It also means I don’t have to take multiple books when I travel/go on holiday.

I thought I would always be against kindles/E readers as I have always been such a physical book fan. But life changes, and suddenly I am a kindle user! It fits my current lifestyle better, and I am actually really enjoying it! Sorry book bloggers…


  1. Welcome to the dark side! Haha, no, but if you like your new decluttered way of life congrats. I’ve been a fan on ebooks and kindle for years, but also really still love physical books, they’re just so much more unpractical. I got my kindle because of the same reasons as you, it was affordable in the long run and I commuted an hour for three years where there were no constant light source and the well-lit screen made it so much more accessible and I loved it! Not as cute to take photos of unfortunately. I broke my first kindle after many years and mourned it like it was my phone, even though no books were lost in the process (still laughing at that sudden reaction).


  2. I could not live without my Kindle! I still read physical books, but I love the flexibility my Kindle gives me! I often get the free and cheap books, there are a lot for 99 cents, that’s a steal!!! I just connected my local library to my Kindle so now I can borrow Kindle books too (& never pay a late fee again, they go back automatically). Plus, my Kindle is a game changer when I read before bed!! You should check out the site Netgalley. You review ARC copies and it’s all digital! Glad you’re enjoying the Kindle!!

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      • Go to your local library’s webpage and see what they have set up (or go in and ask). Mine has OverDrive and Libby. I can search for books on their website and on their Overdrive website. Very easy!!! There are a few programs out there so it’s all based on what your library program uses. When you get a book it links you to Amazon and you just borrow it from there! You pick how long you want it on loan and then it’s yours for that time! If you forget to return it back from your amazon account it will automatically go back too! Good luck!!!

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  3. I prefer my physical books but I typically also download the ebook from the local library to read when I don’t have my physical book with me. Weird probably, I know but it works for me.

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  4. Great post 🙂 I absolutely love my Kindle! I’ve had one for about seven years now and although I didn’t use it all that much to start, once I moved from the UK and traveled more for work, I used it all the time. I still love growing my physical collection of books, and nothing beats the new/old book smells and holding a book while reading, but the mood reader in me definitely loves the fact that I can have 1,000+ books with me at any time! Without breaking my back lol not to mention being able to highlight passages and have them saved onto my Goodreads for easy access. It’s so convenient, and yes, much cheaper than physical books!

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  5. I thought I would never use a kindle. I had a couple authors reach out to me to review their books from overseas. And so I had to break down and get one.

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  6. I love books yet much prefer reading on my iPad (the Apple equivalent of your Kindle). By the way, you might want to know about Smashwords (www.smashwords.com), a distributor of ebooks in all imaginable formats, including the Kindle format, mobi. Smashwords regularly hosts giveaways. Lots of junk and lots of wonderful books.

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  7. I have to say I’m in love with my Kindle, with being on a limited budget I can get more books for my money and then all of the free book and the ARC’s.

    Depending on the book though I will also purchase the physical book as well and the ebook, so I have the book on my shelves.

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  8. I’m glad you like the Kindle! Unfortunately I haven’t used mine much recently because Kindle book prices seemed to go up a couple of years ago and I got into buying secondhand/borrowing from the library. I have so many great books I got in deals though and as you say, they’re so handy!

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  9. I was a real cheerleader for physical books over e-readers until I got a kindle. It’s so useful to have your library in one, easy to carry place. And you’re right about the cost; ebooks are always cheaper, sometimes markedly so.

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  10. I love my Kindle! It’s great for travel and commuting, and I’ve become really fond of the ability to carry a whole library with me wherever I go. Check out whether your nearest library has e-books available — I borrow these a lot, and it’s really great. As a side note, for non-native English speakers, the Kindle can be such a blessing! It took me years to convince my husband to give one a try, and now he won’t read anything else. He loves being able to look up unfamiliar words while he’s reading — makes reading English language books so much easier for him.

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  11. I was also once a book snob, but have seen light – the advantages of an e-reader. I still buy paper copies of my favorite authors and a few others I just can’t resist. But I could never get rid of the books I already have! They are my treasures.

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