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‘Java House’ Kenya; Coffee shop review

We all know I am obsessed with iced coffee, so while travelling Africa I had to try there chain store ‘Java House’. In my mind it was the African equivalent of Starbucks. The coffee was delicious. I went multiple times to try a range of drinks! There was so many options! My favourite drink was a soy iced milindi! Reminded me of a chai latte, and was delicious!

The drinks were all decent sizes, and seemed bigger if you were drinking in. One day I ordered a regular iced coffee to drink in ,and it was the size of my head! The prices were reasonable, averaging just under 3$. It is cheap in theory, but expensive for Kenya, in comparison to independent places, you could get a whole meal for the same price. The food at Java house was also delicious, the cakes and fresh pastries! I had breakfast before catching the train to Mombasa, and it was super yummy!

I regret not buying some grinded Java House coffee beans to bring home. But of course bought some Kenyan tea back, as well as some for all my family and friends! I adored my travels in Kenya, and hope to return one day. I would definitely get Java House again!

Overall I would give Java house 10 coffee beans out of 10!

The yummy breakfast wrap with a hot soy Milindi

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