An adult who has never read Harry Potter?? ;Book review

Not only have I not read a single Harry Potter book, I have never seen any of the movies… Unlike the rest of the world population, I have never been interested in Harry Potter. This is mostly due to my dislike of anything fantasy/dystopian ect. I made it through childhood, high school and even college without delving into anything Harry Potter related. As an adult now, I am going to attempt to see if it’s amazing as the world perceives it to be. You can walk into any mall, and see merch everywhere, every book store is sure to stock every copy.

After my friends forced me to watch the first movie, I knew if I were to watch the rest I would have to read all the books first. (of course!) Therefore, a few days ago I read the first book, and really enjoyed it, despite seeing the movie the day before. The book was better! That’s what book worms say, and it is very true in this case. As a very opposed to Harry Potter person, even I was screaming at the movie for missing details from the book. (not literally). I enjoyed it, it was an easy read, which I flew through.

I am just about to start reading the 2nd book! I am not going to do a blog post after I have read each one, but I’ll definitely do one after I have read them all. I don’t even know how many there is… Haha! I’m really not a fantasy fan, so I might take breaks between the books. Or I may have it all finished next week, no pressure! Have you read/seen all the Harry Potter books? If so, which is best?


  1. Ive never read Harry Potter or seen the movie and also have no interest in it. Growing up, there was this constant pressure from everyone to read it and the fandom is huge. But it’s just not my thing. It’s rare for me to even read a fantasy book and that’s okay!

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  2. I read all the books and I’ve seen all the movies three or four times xD i’m not necessarily a fan but I did enjoy both books and movies. What I liked about the books was the complexity of the characters. I can’t wait to see your final thoughts on it. Happy reading!

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  3. The first and second are my favourites. I am actually jealous you are reading HP for the first time – just remember that millions of people would love to be in your shoes right now and explore the world of HP as though for the first time. That is probably a privilege reserved for only “a few” now lol I read HP for the first time when I was 13-14 and that may have influenced by judgement of it. I prefer the beginnings. I think Rowling got a bit crazy and confused in her later books.

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  4. I read all the books and have seen all the movies and yes the books are MUCH better! I don’t know which one is my favorite, because it’s been a while since I’ve watched/read Harry Potter (I’m not a die hard fan). It’s impossible to put a book like that in 2 hours and have the same impact in a movie. I enjoyed them all though (books and movies). I am into witches and vampires and the like, so I’m a little biased.

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  5. So glad to hear that you enjoyed the book! I’ve been thinking for a while now about doing a re-read of these books because it was so long ago that I read them and my memory is so bad, so I’m sure there’s lots I’m forgetting (I’m a fan, but not a diehard one). I remember the magic of the books though. Hope you continue to enjoy the series 🙂

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  6. The books are much better. I’d advise you to give yourself some breathing room before watching the movie after reading the book because all you’ll be able to focus on is the differences and inconsistencies.

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  7. I love the books! The movies are great in their own way, but I agree with the poster above — much better to read the books and let them soak in for a while before watching the movies. I was lucky enough to read the books before the movies, so the images in my brain aren’t necessarily completely dominated by the movie actors. Of the books, #3 was a real turning point in terms of the stories getting more complex, and I loved #4 so much. Enjoy!

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  8. I’ve read them and seen the films. They’re very clever and good fun. Book wise, I most liked the Chamber of Secrets, I think, and of the films, I think the Prisoner of Azkaban is my favourite. Enjoy your journey into the Potter-verse!

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  9. Hi. I am a huge Harry Potter fan so I may definitely be biased here. But you must finish all of the books, and I suggest reading them first and then watching the movies. Like many commenters above have stated, the movies are great in their own right. But there’s nothing like J.K Rowlings writing. Plus this is the perfect time to be reading them, have fun!

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  10. Without a doubt, do not watch any more of the movies until you have read all the books. All of the books are better and it’s always fun to watch the movie after finishing the book. I am NOT a scifi fan at all – I hate fantasy books – I despise the book I’m reading right now (“A Discovery of Witches” – basically a grown-up version of the “Twilight” series, God help me) but I’m determined to finish it despite the painful dialogue. My point is, the Harry Potter books are well written (no painful dialogue or lip biting) and I’m glad you’ve discovered them. Even me, who loathes dragons, thoroughly enjoyed HP.

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  11. I grew up reading and watching them but I devour fantasy books. I went to a small college and between nagging from us students and from his daughters we convinced our linguistics professor to read them and once he started he loved them all.

    They aren’t for everyone but there is something in them that speaks to all of us.

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  12. Hello from another non HP person who has neither read the books nor seen any of the movies. I am into non-fiction mostly and that’s just a lot of time to devote to something in fantasy land. I don’t see it happening for me. Plus I have bad eyes. I wonder, if anyone has listened to the books on audio, and what was that like? That could be another option 🙂

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    • Hello! I never thought I’d ever read JP, but here I am… My partner is listening to the audio books, and enjoys listening whilst he’s doing other things, such as driving and in the gym. Happy reading:)


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