What I read in July 2019;

The first week of July was a crazy one for me as I read 7 books in one week! I even surprised myself. I did a whole separate post on these books, so check that out below!

Then in July I started reading the Harry Potter series (See previous post), so the majority of my reads from the rest of this month have been from this. I finished the first 4 books in July, and am currently reading the 5th book so I’m sure it’ll be in my August monthly round up haha. I shall be doing a separate blog post on the whole HP books once I have completed the whole series! (My kindle states I have 25 hours left)

The last book I read before starting the HP series was ‘Joyland’ by Stephen king. This was one of the books from my previous month of reading outside of my comfort zone. I always assumed Stephen King books were scary, so I stayed away from this author, despite being greatly intrigued by how ingenious Stephen King seems to be. This had a underlying spookiness to it, but it wasn’t scary at all. (Coming from a complete wimp). It was based around a college aged boy who went to work in a theme park over summer break, where the whole story is based. No spoilers! I actually really enjoyed this book, and would definitely recommend! 4.5/5.

Therefore, I read a total of 12 books this month, which is a decent amount, and puts me further on track to completing 100 books a year. July reads have all been books that are very outside of my usual reading. I do miss my typical YA contemporary book, but aim to finish the Harry Potter series before I started anything new. I flew through the first 4 books, but to my understanding,they get a lot longer from this one? What was your favourite book you read this month?


  1. I do not read nearly as fast as you but I did read Recursion in mostly one sitting. It’s a sci-fi read but a good one and a fairly quick read.

    Hope you are enjoying Harry Potter! Yes, the next books are longer but there is more to them and the themes get heavier but the books are still wonderful.

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  2. Glad to see that you liked Joyland. A lot of people don’t realize that Stephen King can write things other than horror. If you’ve never read The Green Mile or his short story Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, I highly recommend those. Both of them have some creepy parts although I wouldn’t call them scary and they both say a lot about the human condition in a beautiful way.

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  3. 7 books in a week really is incredible. I wish I could also just take the time to do that.
    I also stay away from Stephen King books. I always think of “It” when it comes to this author. But maybe I will give this book a try. I am a total wimp too when it comes to horror and stuff like that.

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