Anxiety; how it comes and goes

I have spoke previously about my experience with anxiety, and how it affected by life, but has not affected me much for the past year or so. Ironically this week I have had moments on intense anxiety. No way near as bad as it use to me. But enough for me to notice it affecting me.

Last week I was at work, where I suddenly noticed how much my heart was beating, the room felt very hot, my hands were shaking. Thoughts in my head started appearing that I am dying. The beginnings of an anxiety attack. A colleague noticed, but I was able to distract myself as work was relatively busy. I find distraction helps me a lot. The more I think about it ,the worse it gets. I noticed that all week I’ve been physically anxious, which is harder to cope with for me. I feel mentally okay, so why is my body betraying me? I’m not sure what to do, as I feel it’s a physical symptom? Suggestions welcome!

Feeling this attack last week made me realise how well and calm I feel in general, which is huge! I used to feel this amount of anxiety on a daily basis. (How I coped, I do not know). This week has been mentally exhausting, but I feel well still. I hope this feeling doesn’t stay.

Am I suffering with anxiety? Does a diagnosis last a life time? Is this a disorder that comes and goes? I’m not interested in putting a label to how I feel, but it’s still interesting. I wonder if I’ll always have anxious tendencies.


  1. I feel the same sometimes – I had a massive panic attack the other day but after I’d recovered I realized “hey – I used to do this everyday, now it only happens every few weeks or months”. It’s kind of a relief in a weird way.

    I too wonder if I’ll ever not be this way. It would be nice to not have anxious tendencies all the time. I dunno if I’ll ever “get better” tho 😛

    However, I do know it’s something that can be managed well and that seems to be what you’re doing. Take extra good care of yourself this weekend. Remember it’s like being sick, heck it is being sick, you’ve got to rest to get better. ❤


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  2. I’m so sorry that you had to experience an anxiety attack clear out of the blue like that.
    It’s a horrible sensation, I know.
    When I got hit with my recent migraines, it triggered an anxiety attack. Scared the crap out of me. But, I talked myself through it. I thought to myself, “Wow, I did it.” It felt good knowing that I could get a grip on it after not have having one for so long.
    The way it was explained to me, is that I will always have anxiety, but with the right medications it can be kept at bay. Unfortunately, I’ll always have it, but I try my hadest not to think or dwell on it.
    Hope that you have a relaxing weekend and feel better. 😊


  3. Sounds very familiar. I’ve had several of those a couple of months ago . Sudden palpitations, weakness, light headedness , shortness of breath . But I’m better now . Haven’t had an episode in more than two weeks.

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  4. I have experiences like this too, and I go through periods where it’s more frequent. When it happens out of the blue, it’s really upsetting because I feel like I’m completely out of control. That said, if I think on it really hard, I can usually pinpoint a cause. Last night, it was because it was the first night I spent alone in my house since a really traumatizing event. I thought I was fine (mentally), but my body told me I was not. I think sometimes our bodies are more self aware than we realize.

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