My 2020 Bookalutions

I’m not one for making new years resolutions (I don’t think you need to wait for the new year to give yourself a fresh start) but decided to make a few book related goals I would like to accomplish this year, and for the whole decade.

(life bookalution is to have a ladder for my book shelves…)

-My main book goal is to record EVERY book I read on paper. I am currently in my favorite coffee shop studying and writing blog posts, and on my walk home I shall pop into a independent store (or end up in TJmaxx) and buy myself a special notebook to do this. I’m going to try and find a strong one as I imagine it will take years to fill up. I hope this is a habit I will keep for life. I’m just about to finish a book, and thus this evening the notebook will hopefully begin! I can’t wait to see the book slowly fill with books I’ve read.

-Secondly, I want to keep my orignal goal of reading 100 books a year. This seems overwhelming to say out loud, but it works out to only 8-9 books a month, which is manageable for me! I completed this 5 years in a row! Although this year I’m not sure I did, as I didn’t record any of my read books, nor did I do monthly wrap ups on my blog which I could have worked out overall. Which is a shame… Hence why my first goal is so important!

– Write more book related blog posts. I enjoy my blog in the sense I can write about anything I please. I find it helpful writing about my mental health, and will still do this, but I would like to write more book ones as I do thoroughly enjoy them once I’ve started. I aim to do at least a monthly wrap and an individual book review a month, with a mixture of other posts.

– My last goal is to delete my TBR and not make a new one. This probably shocks all of you with a book blog… I struggle with spontaneity and having lists for literally everything. Therefore, I thought taking away this list would help combat this struggle. It’s a list I refer to quite often, but without it, it won’t increase my anxiety. (If that makes sense?) In comparison to removing a list related to my degree ect. I will pick a book as and when I finish the current one. I’ll still have a TBR in the sense that I have books on my shelf that I want to read, and have a specific shelf for this. (I’m currently writing an update post on my book shelf and how it recently significantly changed)

Do you have any bookalutions?


  1. These are great goals. My book-related goals are just to read more and also to write more book-related blog posts. I haven’t set a specific goal of how many books I want to read, as that would likely stress me out.

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  2. I love the idea of having a paper list of all books read. I used to do this, back before goodreads! I tried making a reading journal, where I would have a page dedicated to each book I’ve read but it didn’t stick. Think I might go back to the paper list πŸ™‚

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  3. Great goal! I’ve started my reading journal 2 years ago and love it, and I love spending time on it.
    My goal is to start reading more manga again, I love it and have not read enough for the past few years.

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  4. It is my goal to read 100 books as well. But never managed to get past 92 haha. I agree with the idea of not having a TBR because even I don’t do one. I pick up books depending on my mood. I do, sometimes, set a particular genre to guide me at the start of the month. The books I am going to read, however, are not set in stone.

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