March Wrap Up 2020

-An absolutely remarkable thing by Hank Green: I’ve been meaning to read this book for a while, but the synopsis never appealed to me (Sorry Hank), mostly due to the genre. I adore John and Hank Green so felt I had to read all there books. This was the only one left, so I picked it up at the library and gave it a go. I have to admit it was intriguing, just a little far fetched for my own liking. I did want to find out what happened in the end, and enjoyed his writing style. The story just wasn’t for me. 3.5/5

An invitation to a Bonfire: I got this book for free, so went into it without any idea as to what it was about. It was written mostly by the character Zoya, with small chapters by another man, I enjoy this in a book. It was a short read, was a slow starting, with the majority of the drama happening at the end. It was a good read, but nothing special. (Although sometimes I enjoy a tame read) 3.5/5

The Tao Of Piglet: This book is really interesting, it’s philosophical and uses the characters from Winnie the Pooh to highlight the ancient principles that come with Taoism. It’s more of a ‘coffee table read’ than a book you want to read in one go. If you’re interested in the theories, it’s a great way to go about it! Again, it just wasn’t for me, but I adore the use of the Pooh characters. 2.5/5.

-The Key to Flambards: I picked this up from the YA section of the library as the title intrigued me. After a young teen loses a limb, she and her mother move to the Flambards, a luxurious resort in the country in need of financial help, which her mother is fired to do over the summer holidays. The book journeys over the summer, comprising of multiple characters stories. It was an easy read, but one I really enjoyed!

A Street Cat Named Bob: I put this in my Spring TBR and decided to pick it up. I finished it in one day! I had seen the movie so knew the story (It’s a true story), as usual the book was better! I enjoyed that it was more first person than the movie. A quick and light read that I feel many would enjoy! 4/5.

Miss Peregrine, The conference of Birds: A separate series review post coming soon!

-The Girls by Lori Lansen: This book is in first person by a two girls who are conjoined at the skull. One of the girls writes the majority of the chapters, and the other inserting a few of her own too. It was a unique perceptive and really interesting! For some reason, I was dissapointed to find it wasn’t based on a true story. 4/5

Finding Audrey: This book is written in first person by a teenage girl who is suffering with her mental health, particularly anxiety/panic attacks after an event at school. Despite this, it is a light read. A typical YA romancey sort, but still enjoyable! 4/5

-Paper Butterflies: I picked this book up at a book swap, and was intrigued by the title. The main character goes through a lot of hard times, including severe child abuse, bullying ect. She befriends a local boy who is home-schooled and they come very close. I love their relationship and the warmth that he brings to the book. The ending shocked me so much, I really was not expecting it! You’ll have to read to find out! 5/5.

9 Books read in March, which is good going for me! Now my country is in isolation, I hope to get a hefty amount read in April. Hope you all are well! I have the time to write more posts and hope they can be a distraction, for both you and I. Any suggestions welcome! What was your favorite book this month?


  1. ahhh I really want to pick up A Street Cat Named Bob – I love cats and think this would be a heart-warming read to pick me up! I like the sound of Finding Audrey too as it is so important and uplifting to see positive depictions of mental health in YA fiction. Glad to see you’ve had a good reading month despite everything going on in the world. I’m definitely going to miss my weekly trips to the library whilst we are in lockdown. Happy reading!

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