10 Ways to Look after your Mental Health during the Pandemic

Photo by Polina Zimmerman on Pexels.com

1: Make lists – This is the preferred method for myself. I have lists for everything! The most effective during this lock down for me is writing a list every day. It mostly includes easier tasks, such as shower, prep dinner, take recycling out, Skype etc. It’s made it easier for me to gain a routine different to my usual pre lock down days. I also have an overall list which includes things that can be done during the pandemic, and I add around 1 a day to my daily lists. These include things like, write a blog post about X, clean the windows, declutter my closet, re pot plants, paint walls etc. I find this larger list is a great way to not become overwhelmed that I have nothing to do. I like writings lists of meal ideas too!

2: Clean – I don’t mean the usual household jobs, but things you wouldn’t normally do everyday. For example, cleaning behind the refrigerator, scrubbing the oven, organising the pantry, alphabetically sorting your bookshelf, decluttering your laptop files. This links to 1:, making a list of all the little cleaning things in your home that can be done but aren’t urgent. Today I’m going to sort through all my stationary.

3: Baking- This can seem a luxury to some during this time, but recipes can be adapted, see what you have in the back of the pantry and try a new dinner recipe. I have used up so many ingredients by browsing cookbooks, which has actually made me spend less money on groceries as I’ve tried using up the ingredients I already had.

4: 10 minutes of active time! Yoga/exercising – There is so much content on social media at the moment about home workouts, which I think is great. But can be really overwhelming… Therefore, instead of feeling overwhelmed by hour long workouts, I have given myself a much more realistic target of 10 minutes. This time frame is still manageable if I’m not ‘feeling it’, but can also add another 10 minutes on top if I’m feeling good, Cliche, but you don’t realise how moving your body can increase your mood until after you’ve done it!

5: Read! – This is probably my most obvious one as I have a book blog, but reading really is a great form on escapism! I have lot’s more time to read, and I’ve nearly finished all the books in my home, I may have to turn to the kindle soon… If you’re already a reader, why not change it up a bit? Try a new genre!

6: Talk to people! – This can include every form, from going downstairs and talking to the people you live with, playing games with friends through your phone, Skype, calling your grandparents. I know contacting people can be nervous for some, but there is so many different forms on communicating. Try not to spend a day without any contact. If you feel alone, please contact me, we can become internet friends!

7: Netflix and create – It seems most people will be spending more time in front of the big screen binge watching all the shows. Write a list of everything you want to watch, series and movies. I find it hard just sitting on the couch watching a show, so I like to do something with my hands at the same time. Colouring is a great one, as it’s simple and doesn’t take any brain power. Maybe crochet, knit or paint at the same time. Time will feel like it goes quicker!

8: Self care- This covers a whole range, from completely free to luxury, or super simple to in-depth. My favourite is a steaming bath! It means I can also read. I use whatever products I have, there’s no need to buy a bomb or anything fancy. Face-masks, skincare, doing your makeup, painting your nails, shaving, yoga are a few great ones. It may seem ‘pointless’ but getting ready can really improve your mood!

9: Journaling – I’m not a creative person, so assumed I would hate this. But again, there is such a variety of forms. You can write down your day, how you’ve been feeling, this can be hand written or digital. Bullet journals are super cool, there’s lot’s on inspiration online, and will take more time and doesn’t have to include the typical diary entries. You can track your water intake etc. A gratitude journal is a good idea for the pandemic, listing 5 things a day you are grateful for.

10: BE EASY ON YOURSELF! – This is a global pandemic. It doesn’t matter if you don’t reach your goals or be productive. It’s OK to use this time to relax. Trust yourself to make decisions that benefit you, if that means spending a day doing nothing, don’t do anything! For me, my mood plummets if I lounge around, so instead I am trying to self motivate to stay busy. Most importantly, is staying safe. Both physically and mentally! I have a contact page if everyone would like to talk πŸ™‚


      • I’ve heard that’s really good, and it’s on my list! I’m reading a DASH diet book right now, for health’s sake, but I did just finish a book called “Semiosis,” by Sue Burke that was really good science fiction. It’s part of a duology, and I haven’t forked out the ten bucks for the second book yet, but the introductory chapter on my Kindle book was very engaging. Looking forward to the April wrap-up! Take care!

        Liked by 1 person

      • You should definitely give it a go! I’ve not heard of the DASH diet before.
        Interesting! Maybe get a copy at your local library instead?
        Uploading today! Thank you, you too!


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