I finally read the Harry Potter series (first time reader review)

If you’ve seen any of my previous posts, you’ll know I only just read Harry Potter. I’m in my twenties, after having not read any of the books or seeing any of the movies, I thought it was finally time to jump on the bandwagon. I dislike fantasy, which is why I wasn’t interested at all to begin in. Until recently, I had avoided this genre completely. I picked up a few fantasies that I enjoyed, and decided it was time. I didn’t know anything about the story, the characters ect. (This shocked everyone). I had seen all the fandoms online, and there is literally Harry Potter merch any where you go. This gave me HUGE expectations.

FYI, I read all 7 books over the span of 3 weeks, my kindle told me it took just under 60 hours… I completed them a few months ago, but felt so much pressure to write a decent review that I put it off all this time. (Pressure from whom, I do not know). Therefore, the books are not completely fresh in my mind, but I still want to put a mini review out there. I also watched the movies after finishing each book.

I was hesitant picking up the first book. I forgot that they were children books so as I began reading I was expected a slightly different style of writing, despite this the writing was BEAUTIFULLY written. This is throughout all 7 books! There was only one book I found difficult to read as it didn’t grasp my attention as much, which was The Order of the Phoenix. (I felt like I wanted to skim read to finish quicker) My favorite out off the books was definitely The Goblet of Fire and The Chamber of Secrets.

We’ve got my least and most favorite books out the way, let’s discuss characters. Overall this was the my most loved aspect of the novels. Each character had so much depth, so much uniqueness. I related most to Hermione or Luna, but Ron, Snape and Draco were my favorites. Never thought I would be a villain fan. (Not technically, but that’s too in depth right now) The Wesleys twins were the funniest and wished they were more involved in the movies, I would love their joke shop to be a real place. The most shocking thing I’ll write in this review (& I understand if you hate me after reading this) but I didn’t like Dobby, and could not adore him like the world does… My least favorite was definitely Umbridge, but as an audience we are supposed to. Dumbledore was lovable and had all my respect, but again was so much depth behind his motives ect that I’m on the fence. I loved Hagrid, bless him!

I have to admit, I was surprised that I was hooked straight away. I flew through all 7 books. You can all tell me a great big ‘TOLD YOU SO’. I never thought I would read HP, let alone become so intrigued… I know want to visit Harry Potter world in London!

Another thing I adored was the description and depth of the events, like you can really visualize Hogwarts and Hogsmeade ect. (Yes, I know want to try butterbeer). I wish quidditch was a real sport! The whole fictional world has so many aspects that feel so special and warm, I’m not sure how to describe it. From riding the train, having a pet owl, the Wesley pranks, the banquet hall, quidditch, the different wands, the shops. Everything is so complex and special, which really brings the world to life.

Overall, HARRY POTTER IS AMAZING. The high expectations were definitely achieved. I even become one of those people, that when watching the movies I could notice details from the books they left out. The books were definitely better, but the movies were still great too. I have watched the first fantastic beast, but need to finish that. (I love the aesthetic & fashion of that era).

I still do not know as much at the OG Harry Potter fans, so I would love to hear your opinions and whether my thoughts are similar or different. Also comment if I have missed speaking about anything. ( I think this will be a post I will edit as more things pop to mind). But that’s my review wrapped up!


  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the books! If you don’t mind a bit of adult content listen to the binge mode podcast. They did a deep dive into everything Harry Potter and go through the books in order.

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  2. Great post! I too, have never read HP, or seen any of the movies. (I’m an English teacher and grew up during the HP craze, so it’s amazing how I missed it.) Anyway, you’ve sparked my interest! πŸ‘πŸ»

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  3. I am so HAPPY you enjoyed reading the books! I’m so happy that you like Snape, he gets so much hate! He’s such a complex character and I love that! I agree with you on Dobby, he was so annoying at first πŸ˜€

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  4. I too, wasn’t a fan of the fantasy genre. I only started reading HP when I was 11(I am 13 right now). My friends had already finished it by the time I started it. But anyways, I loved it so much that I finished the whole series in 1 week! I was totally shocked by my progress.

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  5. Reading the books gives an entirely different feeling of accomplishment compared to watching all the movies. I agree, the writing was consistently beautiful. I think I read the entire series in a month. This was despite the fact that I was enrolled in a subject I failed the last semester. I can definitely feel the intensity of my professor’s eyes whenever he sees me carrying the books! Haha. Thankfully I passed his subject (Auditing Problems) the second time around.

    By the way, I have nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award: https://thetorogichronicles.com/2020/06/30/the-mystery-blogger-award-ii/


  6. I am happy for you! I know the author is on hotseat these days but that should not deprive us from the greatness of this book! I am almost 40 and I started reading this in 1999 and until now, I haven’t gotten over it. It’s just so good and I want my son to be able to appreciate it the way I did.

    I am just curious, is there any particular reason why you disliked Dobby?

    And oh! OotP is my favorite book πŸ˜€ because of the battle (fight scene), I heard spells and jinxes that I haven’t heard before, although the movie won’t show you that. Your favorite books are awesome too! All of them are!!! I’m always excited to hear about someone’s fresh review of the book.

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    • Loved this comment, thank you! I bet you’re so excited to speak to your son once he’s finished reading!

      In regards to Dobby, I can’t actually pinpoint. Maybe because he is SO loved and adored that I had higher expectations. I’m not sure!

      Such a lovely compliment!

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  7. I am. I did feel the same with my sister and when she’s old enough to comprehend, I made her read and I was so delighted at how she was able to actually discuss things with me.

    I do understand how it must have felt regarding Dobby, he probably lacked exposure… same feels I had for the other house elves and the movies. They could have given them more story like how it was depicted on the book…

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  8. I get it about Ootp. It’s just too dark and miserable, I need at least a bit of humour. I personally don’t like Snape, but I love Luna. I went as her for World Book Day once and everyone was like “Oh yeah you’re Hermione.” because there were three other Hermiones.

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