Stay at Home Book-Tag

Laying in Bed – A Book I Read in a Day: Feeling sorry for Celia. It was an easy and short read, but it was the most recent book that I read in day. (Actually in one sitting lol)

Snacking – A Book That is My Guilty Pleasure: Cathy Glass books. I’m not sure why I enjoy them so much, they are not a genre I usually go for, but there is something about them that I need read every one as soon as they come out. They are often incredibly sad and heartbreaking which is why I’m choosing them for my guilty pleasure. (I try not to trigger my mental health with negative content)

Netflix – A Series I Want to Start: (I’m taking this as a Netflix series and no books as I can’t think of any book series I want to read atm) So ‘Once upon a Time’, I love Disney and shows that aren’t too intense/ are easy watchers. So I’m hoping this will be one of those for me. The episodes are quite long, with quite a few episodes available, so it would be ideal!

Deep Clean – A Book That Has Been on My TBR List For Ages: 1984. I have mentioned this book quite often on my blog, and I’m still yet to read it…

Animal Crossing – A Book I Bought Because of the Hype: Harry Potter. (Check my last post)

Productivity – A Book That I Have Learnt From/Impacted Me: ‘You disappear’ by Christian Jungersen. As a student of psychology I found I learnt things from this book that I was yet to learn, especially about behavior changes due to damage in certain regions of the brain. It was a great mixture of a novel and facts.

-FaceTime – A Book I Was Gifted: The Catcher in the Rye. I was gifted this by my partner around 7 years ago when we first started dating. The edition is my favorite color and well loved (i adore a used book).

Self Care – One Thing I’ve Done to Look After Myself: It’s sounds a little silly, but baths! I use my luxurious products, and limit myself to 3 a week so they feel extra special. I drink my favorite iced coffee, pick a great book and relax inside the warmth for a few hours. (literally… I force myself out after 3 lol!)

Tags are a really great distraction, and so fun. I tag you if you’re reading. (I love reading other peoples answers)


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