10 Ways to Deal with Worthlessness

  1. THIS FEELING IS TEMPORARY! – Every time I feel worthless I always tell myself that this feeling won’t last and soon I’ll be able to see my worth! No need to resort to permanent measures for a temporary situation.
  2. ASKING MYSELF WHY AM I FEELING WORTHLESS?– If you’ve done CBT or any similar therapy you would know that working out why these emotions are occurring are a great way to combat the feeling. Has something happened in your day? Did someone say something that triggered you? Are you worried about something? There are many questions to ask yourself if you don’t think you can work it out straight away.
  3. GRATITUDE– Make a list of all the things you are grateful for in your life. This can be people who care about you, your home, a pet, physical items. (I love making lists). It sounds silly but my daily coffee is something I look forward to and grateful I love it so much!
  4. DO NOT BE ALONE– If the feeling of worthlessness is intense, try not to stay alone. Not only will being with someone else increase your safety, it can also provide a great distraction. If they know you feel this way they can help you work through it. You don’t even need to tell them, you could ask someone to hang out and do an activity together!
  5. ESCAPISM– If you are alone or do not have access to support or distractions like in the middle of the night, escapism is a good way to temporarily escape your problems. My favorite way is reading, getting invested in a fantasy world where I don’t have to think about myself or real life. Escapism is only a temporary way to deal with worthlessness, avoiding your problems all the time isn’t healthy, but it can work in the short term.
  6. PHYSICALLY WRITE DOWN YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS/WHY YOUR WORTHY- Writing them down on pen and paper is key! These can be big or small. Have you eaten your meals today? went to work/college? showered? finished a task or chore? simply gotten through the day? Working out why your worthy is a little harder but easier once you know how. Do you have a partner who loves you? How helpful you are at your job? Do you have a passion that you can work on?
  7. HELP OTHER PEOPLE- Again this is only a temporary solution, you should always put yourself first. But when your feeling worthless it can be great to put someone else first. Does your partner/parents/roommate etc need help with the cooking or the chores? Bake a cake for someone. Call a grandparent to see how they are. Ask those around you if they need a hand with anything. It feels good making others feel good!
  8. CHANGE YOUR ENVIRONMENT– If you’re laying in bed feeling worthless, simply changing to another room can be beneficial. A nice little walk can do wonders to clear your mind. (I feel hypocritical, as I can never be motivated to go outside) But it really can change your perspective. Go to somewhere you usually enjoy, I love a good coffee shop & book!
  9. ASK FOR REASSURANCE/SHARE HOW YOU’RE FEELING- This can be really hard for some, but if it is possible tell someone that you’re feeling worthless. They can help you! I use to keep to myself, but now I tell my partner when I am feeling this way and he tells me why I’m not worthless or simply just stays in the room with me. Telling someone how you’re feeling is so brave and others can really surprise you by how they act. (you can always message me if you’re feeling worthless)
  10. PROFESSIONAL HELP- If worthlessness is a problem that regularly occurs or becomes an issue that it affects how you live, maybe it would be good to professional work through them. Not only is it beneficial to talk to someone about how you’re feeling, they can give you specialized methods to work through when your thinking this way. Once you know how to and can implement them alone, you’ll feel less intimidated about getting through this emotion. (This may be difficult with the current global pandemic, but there are online resources such as Betterhelp or you can call your local practitioner for advice)

I hope some of these 10 ways can help in some way, and just remember you are never alone. (my emails are always open) I struggle with self worth and I use a combination of these ways to help get through, so I believe they are tried and tested. Saying this, everyone experiences mental health issues differently, so what works for me may not work for you. I am not a trained professional, I’m simply advising on what works for me! Hope you are all well! If you have any other suggestions on how to deal with worthlessness please leave them below!


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