May WrapUp 2020

I didn’t want to post this as it has been my worst reading month in literally years. I only read 4 books… The second week turned into a reading slump, one that I’m still stuck in! It’s a horrible feeling, I am used to spending multiple hours a day reading, and I just can’t seem to get into a book, now I have too much time to think. I’ve started reading a few, but they have not caught my attention. I may try rereading a favorite to see if that helps, or just give myself time. But here it is, my May Wrap up;

Too scared to tell by Cathy Glass: This is one of my OG authors, and I will read every book published. In more recent years I’ve felt the format has changed a little, but this one felt the older books, which I really enjoyed. Each book is a story of a child whom she has looked after in foster care. A unique genre, which makes you deeply connect with the author as you’ve spent so many years together. 4/5.

You disappear by Christian Jungersen : My interest in psychology made me pick up this book. I put of reading it, thinking it would be more of a factual textbook, when in fact it was a novel. The story was really sad, but made me learn a lot about this type of brain injury. Throughout the book there is extracts of factual sheets, which were very interesting. I think you would still enjoy this story even if you’re not particularly interested in psychology. Pleasantly surprised by this read! 4/5.

Feeling sorry for Celia by Jaclyn Moriarty: This is YA novel but one I feel targets at a younger audience. (I am already ‘too old’ for YA, but this makes me feel OLD) The story was short, quick and easy to read, I even read it in one sitting. I liked the style of writing. Not much to say, overall a typical YA read. 3/5.

-The conference of birds by Ransom Riggs: (I’m in the midst of writing my review of the whole Miss Peregrine series, so I’ll link that here once it’s complete). Spoiler; I loved it!


  1. I’m “too old” for YA too, but I still love to pick up one now & again! I’ve been in a huge reading slump & I’m just starting to come out of it!!

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  2. I only read 3 books in May! And one of my books was a re-read! But I’m trying not to beat myself up over it because I had finals and other things that kept me from reading. I’m just hoping that June will end up being a better month!

    I hope you have a fantastic reading month in June, both in quantity and quality!

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  3. I read only one book in May. I think four books is a great achievement (by my standard haha). I’ve read Feeling Sorry for Celia maybe 10 or 15 years ago? I remember that it has a really nice format to tell the story – like post its and memos?

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