Best Online Therapy Options? ~Consumers Advocate

Through my blog I found Consumers Advocate research on ‘The best online therapy services’ they are a research team who used in-depths reviews to conclude the most beneficial and affordable online therapy, which is amazing! They’ve basically done all the work for you! As we are currently in a global pandemic, access to mental health support is deemed near impossible, which is why online therapy is such a great resource at the moment. (and all the time)

The team at consumers advocate want to help as many people as they can with the research that they’ve done. As I have my blog to help raise awareness of mental health, I too want to help my readers/show people more helpful resources. Instead of rambling on this post, check out their research at (

The team at consumers advocate used these 4 methods in order to rate the different forms of online therapy to determine the best over. These included researching;

1)USABILITY 2)LICENSED THERAPISTS 3)MULTIPLE CONTACT METHODS 4)AFFORDABLE CARE Therefore, you can be confident that each aspect of these services have been efficiently reviewed. If you’ve been questioning whether you’re ready for therapy, I bet these 4 aspects have gone through your mind when deciding!

The conclusion to the teams research were that better help and Talkspace are the best online therapy services. If you have read my previous blog posts you will be aware that I had 8 months of therapy with Betterhelp and can personally confirm that this is a great service. Especially for those who have a busy life, or find it difficult talking face to face.

If you want to see their overall review of Betterhelp : & Talkspace :

I’ve also made a blog post in the past of my experience with online therapy, so here is the link to my personal review of Betterhelp:

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