Never too old for YA

It is without a doubt that Young Adult is my favorite genre of book to read. That is to say that I do not read any fantasy/dystopian or horror books. I mostly focus on contemporary. I only really enjoy books that have a realistic aspect to them, hence why I dislike other genres such as fantasy ect. I am aware that the most enjoyed YA books include this genre. Books such a ‘Red Queen’ are ones I want to enjoy due to their popularity, but I know it’s not for me. Sometimes I wish I was more ordinary, then my library would be much broader!

This particularity reduces the amount of books for me out there to read, and I feel like I have read most from this genre already. I read on average 100 books a year, and only this year I have struggled to find new books of my favorite genre to enjoy. This will be the first year in the past 5 that I will not reach my 100 book goal. I simply can’t find any more YA. My local library has a YA section, but is filled with mostly fantasy. Where is the contemporary??

I am not a teenager, I should be looking into more ‘adult’ books to enjoy, seeing as I have exhausted the young adult. But… I enjoy young adult so much that I’m not ready to move on. YA is just a target so a company can get an audience. There is no age on books. Read whatever you wish! It isn’t immature to read a genre not targeted towards you.

I love reading, adore it! I’ve lost my passion this year, I want it back. My usual slump tips aren’t helping, any suggestions? I’m thinking of rereading my favorite YA books in an attempt to re-spark my passion.

Books I recommend everyone should read

This list of suggestions is just my opinion, and are the books I would recommend if people were to ask me what they should read. I feel any age/gender ect would enjoy these books. I would love to hear your book ideas in the comments, and shall add them to my TBR if I haven’t read them myself.

  • Catcher in the rye: A class coming of age book! Reason why its read it most English classes at school.(although I didn’t haha). A short read, but one I thoroughly enjoyed and feel most age groups can enjoy.
  • Anne franks diary: An important part of history that brings you a personal view on the holocaust. I went to Amsterdam a few months ago, and made me appreciate this diary even more. Written by a teenage girl in during the holocaust, includes everyday teenage thoughts as well as the tragedy of their situation. Targeted at young adults, but every age should read this!
  • It’s kind of a funny story: A light hearted book on depression and mental illness. A good read for those who are not knowledgeable on mental health conditions. A YA book, that I feel adolescents should read.
  • The book thief: A really unique book in the aspect that it is written by death. This is one of my favorite books, and always suggest to someone who asks me whats a good book.
  • Flowers for Algernon: A very short read, much different to what I usually read, but was so different and interesting that I suggest everyone adds to their TBR. I think it is classed as a Science Fiction.
  • Flowers in the Attic: I only added this one as it is my favorite book, so tell everyone to read!

Roald Dahl dual review: ‘Boy’ ‘Going solo’

I was scrolling through a charity shop in the 2 for 50p sale and saw ‘Boy’ by Roald Dahl; the first book of his childhood biography. I grew up reading Roald Dahl books, some of my all time favourites include Matilda, The twits and the BFG! I know this biography is targeted to a younger age, but having not read, I had to buy! Luckily enough the 2nd book was sitting right next to the first, so I bought both for 50p!

I went straight home and read the first book in one sitting. It was so nostalgic reading one of my favourite authors. ‘Boy’ was one of the funniest books I’ve read, I was actually grinning while reading haha, ‘Boy’ is Roald Dahls childhood stories, and boy are they funny! Would recommend for all ages ,especially previous lovers of this author. The second part ‘Going solo’ was his experience being in the war, gripping but not in the same humerus way as ‘Boy’. I really enjoyed this book too, but was far more intense! It was bewildering how many times he escaped the worst! What a strong person.

I didn’t expect to read these books, nor even heard of them and was more a spur of the moment. But I am so overjoyed I did! These books really helped me get out of my current reading slump. As I previously written in blog posts before I no longer buy copies of books anymore, but for 25p I don’t mind giving them straight back to charity now I have read them.

I thoroughly enjoyed these books and would give them both 5/5.

World book day 2019/ Favourite children books


Here in the UK today, 7/03/19 is World Book Day! It’s mostly associated with going to school dressed up as your favourite book character and promoting children to read more. A very fun day, I have lot’s of fond memories of these days. As I’m an adult now, we don’t really do much. Instead I am going to do a blog post on my all time favourite childhood books. Here goes:

  • Matilda by Roald Dahl: This is my all time favourite book(&movie).
  • The Complete Tales Of Beatrix Potter: Peter Rabbit is a classic, and had to be included on this list! I have lot’s of special, vintage and new peter rabbit items,which I adore!
  • Winnie The Pooh: Another classic,and one I still adore to this day. If you haven’t seen the movie ‘Goodbye Christopher Robin’ that came out last year, you’re missing out! I still wear Winnie the Pooh clothes, pin badges ect. So cute!
  • The BFG by Roald Dahl: This author was probably my favourite once I began to read books on my own, so I’d probably include them all on this list,but BFG is one of my tops. Again this recently had a new movie that came out, which is really good! I adore the wording in this book, like Hopscotchy and Whizzpopping.
  • Best Friends by Jacqueline Wilson: My favourite author as a child, I read every single book she put out. My favourite show was Tracy Beaker which is a programme based of one of her books. There are so many good books from this author that I could include.
  • We are going on a bear hunt: This book was read to be so often as a child, especially in school. Rhyming book that everyone knows the words too.

Do you celebrate world book day?? Comment below, and share your favourite childhood story. Happy Reading!

Books on my TBR that I avoid reading

Here is a list of books that I have always wanted to read, but never pick up;

  • A tree grows in Brooklyn by Betty smith: The main reason I’ve avoided this, as I can’t download it on my kindle, and my local library can’t stock it! I no longer buy physical books, so it’s hard to come by!
  • To kill a mocking bird: I think I may have read this before, but I can’t remember it! It feels very cliche, I’m not really sure why, haha!
  • 1984 by George Orwell: I began reading this a few years ago, but the first couple of chapters didn’t entice me. It has so many good reviews, that I do want to finish it!
  • See you in the cosmos by Jack Chery: This has been ignored on my TBR for a while now. I just read the synopsis, and it sounds really good, so no excuses for this one!
  • 806 by Cynthia Weil: I have always wanted to read this book, its a YA but seems targeted for a younger audience. I just haven’t felt like reading this genre, so it shall have to wait until that passion resparks!

Is there any books that have been if your TBR for a while? Books you do want to read, but never get round to? I’d love to hear what they are in the comments. Happy Reading!

I’m in a reading slump? /how to get out of one

reading-slump2019 so far has been a busy one for me, exciting busy! (& a little stressful) This means I have had less time to focus on reading, which has made me lose a little motivation.

At the end of last year I donated all of my books! You read it right, a whole book shelf! I kept only a handful, my top 5 favourites and a coupe sentimental! Therefore, I haven’t had any physical copies of unread books lying around. I also haven’t been to the library yet, so have solely been relying on my kindle.

I downloaded all the books from my TBR onto my kindle, so when I do have the passion to read,I have access to books I truly want to read, and hopefully will enjoy! Tip NO.1! If you’re in a slump, start with books that you have always wanted to read, or even reread your favourites! Once you enjoy one book, the passion will come back!

On the contrary, tip NO.2 is the opposite. If you really can’t find the motivation to read books/genres you normally are drawn to, try something completely different! Maybe read a book that’s highly rated but not a genre you read! It’s worth a try!

Tip NO.3 is the most helpful to me, and that’s to remove the pressure! I aim to read X amount of books a month,year ect so when I stop reading, I stress that I won’t hit my targets. Or won’t have any book related blog posts to write. A bad habit of mine is just reading to finish a book. I now tell myself reading is only for pleasure, and if I don’t feel like reading, I won’t! This has made me enjoy reading much more, and I am no longer pressuring myself on numbers!

Reading slumps suck! Suck real bad! They’re only temporary. Reading passion will return! If anyone wants any recommendations or just want to chat about their favourite books (this can help overcome a slump too) Just pop me a message, as I love to ramble about books! Happy reading everyone!

How reading changed me

I have been wanted to write this post for a while, but thought it was a little cringey. I then I realised the huge impact that reading has had on my life, so thought I would share anyway;


  • Knowledge and learning: I have learnt so much knowledge since I began reading lots. I now have a much better insight into mental health/illness, so much so I am now doing a degree in Psychology. I know lots of random facts, which I have remembered from books I’ve read. People often wonder how I know so much content, and its honestly just from reading.
  • Acceptance and understanding: I have read books from all different perspectives, and have insight into other cultures, religions ect that I may not have if I didn’t read about them in books. I feel I am a much more accepting person now, and am definitely not as judgemental as my teenage self.
  • Distractions: Reading has gotten me through some pretty difficult times. When my head is screaming at me to end my life, I have absorbed myself into a story, temporarily giving me a break from my struggles. I rely heavily on distractions when I have intrusive thoughts, and I’ve learnt that reading is a great one! Therefore reading has benefited my own mental health!
  • Literature skills: This sounds a little cliché, but having read 500 books in the past 5 years I have gained some knowledge on how writing works. This has helped me the writing involved with my degree.
  • Passion: I often feel I lack hobbies, and feel worthless. Reading is the only hobby I have consistently and always will adore! It’s given me an identity, everyone who knows me knows how much I love to read!