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‘Java House’ Kenya; Coffee shop review

We all know I am obsessed with iced coffee, so while travelling Africa I had to try there chain store ‘Java House’. In my mind it was the African equivalent of Starbucks. The coffee was delicious. I went multiple times to try a range of drinks! There was so many options! My favourite drink was a soy iced milindi! Reminded me of a chai latte, and was delicious!

The drinks were all decent sizes, and seemed bigger if you were drinking in. One day I ordered a regular iced coffee to drink in ,and it was the size of my head! The prices were reasonable, averaging just under 3$. It is cheap in theory, but expensive for Kenya, in comparison to independent places, you could get a whole meal for the same price. The food at Java house was also delicious, the cakes and fresh pastries! I had breakfast before catching the train to Mombasa, and it was super yummy!

I regret not buying some grinded Java House coffee beans to bring home. But of course bought some Kenyan tea back, as well as some for all my family and friends! I adored my travels in Kenya, and hope to return one day. I would definitely get Java House again!

Overall I would give Java house 10 coffee beans out of 10!

The yummy breakfast wrap with a hot soy Milindi
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Kahaila coffee shop Brick Lane London. REVIEW;

This was my first experience on Brick Lane, in the heart of London City. We all know how much I enjoy a iced coffee, and always try to stick to independent stores. I had some time to kill, and this coffee stop stood out to me. I hadn’t heard of it before, so I went in with zero expectations.

Firstly, the cake display stood out to me most; the cakes look delicious. My partner and I decided to just share one, and he chose a caramel brownie. It was very sweet and rich, but scrumptious! It would have been too sweet to have one each. I decided to have a oat milk iced latte. It came in a mason jar with a paper straw and was made with fancy oat milk haha. The coffee was really smooth, not bitter and was very creamy; may have been the milk. My partner had a ‘normal’ milk iced latte which he thoroughly enjoyed.

This location had lots of seating area, all wooden, the interior was very trendy. It was very busy when we arrived, but managed to find a seat. The free wifi connection was good. They had a large container of free infused ice water, which looked like mint, orange and cucumber. The coffee was average coffee shop price, which is good considering we were in central London. I am unsure if they had any vegan or gluten free food options. I was not charged for dairy free milk option, unlike lots of other coffee shops.

After our visit, I decided to google the coffee shop and saw it benefited many women supportive charities, another bonus! I think they should advertise this more! I enjoyed my visit here, and would recommend for anyone in this location.

Overall, I’d give Kahaila 8 coffee beans out of 10!

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Cawa Coffee and bakery;Sheffield Review

Cawa coffee and bakery is a very popular little spot in Broomhill, on the same street as my last review ‘Five Rivers’. It recently opened another take out coffee spot just down the road, although it has already closed and moved to a larger location.

The interior is minimal yet cute. Mostly plain wood with a little cacti on each table. On my first visit I sat in the window seat, and had a flat white. (as pictured) I was a little dissapointed that there were no free dairy free options. If you are vegan or have a lactose intolerant like mine, expect to pay an additional 50p on each coffee you order. 50p doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s nearly a 25% increase on the price of a coffee. Other chain coffee shops usually offer at least soya milk as the same price as dairy, then charge for other alternative milks. This prevents me from visiting again, as it makes it more expensive than other coffee shops. (even without the 50p extra, the drinks are averagely more expensive)

My flat white was delicious, and well made as you can tell by the white pattern on top, so they’re baristas are clearly well trained. My partner also thoroughly enjoyed his iced latte, describing it as very creamy. He also commented it was a little overpriced as you get a small drink in comparisons to a usually ‘medium’. He also had a cinnamon bun which looked incredibly delicious. I didn’t have a cake as they didn’t seem to have any vegan options that day.

The cake display is beautiful! Filled with large cronuts nicely decorated. I mixture of a croissant and donut. Sadly, I can’t try one of these either. They seemed to a small sandwitch/toastie selection too.

The staff were friendly, not very interactive or talkative, but I didn’t initiate. They offer a 10% student discount on hot drinks only. (woo for student discount though). I’m unsure if they had free wifi connection. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, but I’m not sure if I would feel comfortable here studying for a couple of hours as I usually do.

I do think this is a very good coffee spot, just not the one for me! I give this:

6 coffee beans out of 10!

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Five Rivers Sheffield- Coffee shop Review

A little Vietnamese cafe very close to one of my partners student house, so was a very short walk away for me to visit. It is bright orange and often known as ‘that orange coffee shop’. Inside they have a carpeted area with low to the floor tables and lots of cushions where you can sit comfortably on the floor, you have to take your shoes of if you choose to sit in this area. I found it very cosy to study in this way. They also have ordinary tables and chairs if this isn’t your thing.

My favourite thing about this cafe is their Vietnamese coffee. It comes in a traditional pot placed on top of a mug, and the coffee drips into the mug, onto a bed of condensed milk.(hard to explain, so I’ve inserted a photo). They also had the option of condensed coconut milk, which I didn’t even know exited. This coffee is very sweet, and not my usual choice but is such a nice sweet treat! I usually have the cold brew, which is also in the photo below.

They also have a really good food menu, they’re baguettes are super yummy, with so many filling choices! You can choose one item from each category, this is my favourite item from the menu, this is quite a big sandwich and comes with a side of prawn crackers. They also have a range of vegan options. The food is quiet pricey as a student, although they do offer 10% student discount, and have a reward card where every 6 coffee stamps you receive a free one.

I would give Five Rivers 8.5 coffee beans out of 10! It’s a trendy unique little coffee spot.

The traditional coffee dripping onto a bed of condensed milk. Closer cup is a cold brew.
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The Whaletown Coffee Company: Review

I stumbled into this coffee house as I had some time to kill before an interview. I went with my partner, I had heard of the place as I got a leaflet with 10% off at a Christmas market. Inside has a minimalist feel, very trendy, with a large glass window at the front, with little succulents dotted around, a quite small location.

I ordered an almond milk flat white, and my partner a latte. They accidentally got our order the wrong way round, so I ended up with an almond latte as I didn’t want them to have to remake our drinks, I didn’t mind. Soon after, they bought over a slice of vegan flapjack to share to apologise, this was very sweet of them and the cake was amazing!! A coconut flapjack with dark chocolate, it tasted like a bounty! So yummy! It was also gluten free, they seemed to cater to a few allergies. I couldn’t see what dairy free milks they had on the sign, but when I asked they seemed to have a few options. As well as dairy/gluten/vegan cakes which is fab!

The coffee had  a lovely taste, even my none coffee loving boyfriend had to agree it was the best flat white he has had before. The drinks were very reasonably priced for an independent coffee shop!

My favourite aspect of The Whale Town Coffee Company was the staff, they were very friendly and accommodating, and can make a dam good coffee! I didn’t get the name of the two men, but I hope they know how lovely they are, thank you!

I’d give The Whale Town Coffee Company 9 coffee beans out of 10.


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‘Couch’ Coffee House- Sheffield: Review

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I first visited Couch at the Ecclesall road location, and the other week I went to return and this location was no longer there, I did not know it was closing, very suprising. Couch still have another location on Campo Lane, I haven’t yet visited this one, but I’m sure my review will represent both.

I didn’t research this coffee house before going, It simply appealed to me as I was walking past. The interior was very trendy, yet relaxing. I went with my partner and parents, 6 of us in total which is a large gathering compared to my usual visits to coffee shops alone. We chose our seats instantly, and went straight to the till to order, where we had the option to have a tab open.

We originally were only going for a warm drink, but couldn’t resist the cake display. They had a large range of cakes, including 3 vegan options(I have a dairy allergy). My chosen cake was chocolate biscoff(as pictured). It was so big I had to take half home with me. It was amazing, I would definitely get it again! The cake was heavy,but moist, one of my favourite vegan bakes I have had before. My partner had the red velvet cake(not vegan), which again was ginormous and apparently delicious!(Despite him not being a cake lover)

The pricing was average, the lunches looked a little overpriced, but I’m purely a coffee and cake kind of gal, so didn’t venture into that section. It was roughly £6 each, for one large cake and hot drink (I had a medium soya chai latte, which was very good).

My only downside to this store, is that I wouldn’t be comfortable studying here. I like a upright chair and table, with bright light. It was more relaxing, dim light here, perfect for lounging on the sofas with coffee chatting to friends. They did have free wifi.

This is my first coffee shop review, so I’m not sure what to add, so any advice/positive criticism is greatly welcome, or even just share what else you wanted to know.

Overall ‘Couch’ receives: 8 coffee beans out of 10.*

*I’m going to rate each coffee house out of 10, and shall be calling the points ‘coffee beans’*