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Questions from my readers?? Leave in comments.

I often get questions on my posts and emails so thought I would compile them altogether and do a ‘Q&A’ style blog post. (Probably put out next week)

Leave your question in the comments and you’ll get a shout-out when I put the post out. (Please state if you don’t want this,and I’ll put the comment as anonymous)

Questions can include anything!! Whether they are about me personally/mental health,book related,random or advice! I’m open to literally anything! (Helps that my blog is anonymous hehe)

I’ll be deleting this post after a little while, and keeping note of the questions. You can also email if you prefer.

Creative segment

Wreck this journal #1

I am starting a little creative segment to my blog, as I am very NOT creative. I have no artistical talent. There is going to be three parts to this segment, and my ‘Wreck this journal’ is going to be one. ‘Wreck this journal’ is a premade journal with prompts on each page on what to do/a different creative challenge. It only costs around $10. I won’t be buying other materials to use this, I aim to use items I already own.

Every week or two, I shall do an update post on what has happened to my wreck this journal. Maybe showing a few pages, how I did them, my inspiration/ how I’ve made a creative book for the non creative. I am not going to be doing this book in order. There are the first three pages I completed;

This took me longer than you’d think. It was fun! My favorite type of pens to use are the staedtler fine liners. (o.3mm)
This was the first page I completed. I found it very therapeutic. I used tape I found in my stationary drawer.
I didn’t want to use food to stain this section. I decided to use my makeup brush with different shades of powder makeup.