February Wrap Up 2020

This is a little late and despite reading lot’s this month, I didn’t record what I read…(I’m really annoyed at myself) However, this post is just going to be the books I remember from the top of my head, so is not an accurate number. (Hopefully I can work out exactly when I have the time, so I can ensure I get my 100 books a year read!) Anyway, here’s my February reads:

-Dear Evan Hansen: This year I aimed to read more ‘popular’ books, and as I’ve seen this floating everywhere, I decided to pick it when I saw a copy at the library. I did enjoy this book as I love YA but there was just something cringey about it. I understand the content is supposed to be this way, I can’t quite pinpoint what I’m trying to say. I didn’t relate to any of the characters, and didn’t particularity enjoy the ending at all. 2.5/5

The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins: In light of reading more popular books, I thought this was a good start. I’m a wimp, and stay away from thrillers. This wasn’t scary though! I wasn’t invested in the story, and it’s not because I didn’t relate to the characters in any way. I’m mostly dissapointed as I expected something more unique. 1.5/5

Miss Peregrine ‘A Map of Days’: I’m going to save my review for a full blog post once I’ve finished the series, sorry! (spoiler, I’m thoroughly enjoying!)

-Counting by 7’s by Holly Goldberg Sloan: I picked this book up at a second hand book store as I had a long journey ahead and was near the end of my current read. I found this in the YA section, but had never heard of it before. I really enjoyed the characteristics of the main character, younger than the usual teen but very intelligent and unique. The story was sad, but always had a distance that I can’t quite describe. It was an easy read, but very enjoyable. 4/5.

-We bough a zoo by Benjamin Mee: Again, I picked this up at the thrift store for like 20cent. I’ve heard of it before, so decided to give it a go. It was okay! I guess you’ll enjoy it more if this is your usual interest. I expected it to be more on the zoo, not the family/ finance behind it. But I suppose that is my error! I just found it boring, and was waiting for the story to pick up. If you want a light read, this is a choice! 2/5

-The boy who steals houses by C.G. Drews: I really liked the title, which made me pick this book up at the library. I enjoyed the two brothers, both very different. The main family house really brings warmth when reading. I liked the story line, until the end… It was a really good book still, especially if you love YA. 4/5

-Lord of the Flies: I can’t believe I’ve only just read this book, a true classic! The book started of slow, and didn’t seem to pick up speed until 3/5th’s in when it suddenly changed line. There was a few main characters, but none stood out to me, and I saw them as a collective of boys. I imagine it may seem a little gruesome if reading at a young age. I wasn’t expecting the abrupt ending, it felt like a short read. But one everyone should read! 3.5/5


My reading habit book tag/2020 edition

  • DO YOU HAVE A CERTAIN PLACE AT HOME FOR READING? My favorite place to read is in the bath… I can spend hours submerged in a steamy bubble bath with a good book!
  • BOOKMARK OR A RANDOM PIECE OF PAPER? I like to have a bookmark, I have a couple of special ones which I love to use, but I often forget them if I start a new book if I’m out. My current book is has a candy wrapper as a bookmark…
  • CAN YOU STOP READING ANYTIME YOU WANT OR DO YOU HAVE TO STOP AT A CERTAIN PAGE, CHAPTER, PART ETC..? I HAVE to finish at the end of a page, even if it is mid sentence, is that odd?? I feel too much pressure if I have to finish at chapters.
  • DO YOU EAT OR DRINK WHILE READING? I love to snack… Therefore I grab my favorite bowl and fill it with little nibbly snacks that can be eaten without paying attention whilst I read. (Does that make sense?). I also love a hot mug of freshly brewed coffee!
  • CAN YOU READ WHILE LISTENING TO MUSIC/WATCHING TV? I can, but prefer not to! Unpopular opinion, but I’m not much of a music listener…
  • ONE BOOK AT A TIME, OR SEVERAL AT ONCE? Definitely just one book at a time, I like to get to know each character well for a couple days! The only time I read multiple is if it’s a coffee table or self help book.
  • READING AT HOME OR EVERYWHERE? Everywhere!! No matter where I am heading, I’ll always bring a book to read. I read on public transport often.
  • READING OUT LOUD OR SILENTLY IN YOUR HEAD? Silently (or not silent for my mind…) in my head. I love reading out loud, but don’t think anyone would appreciate that!
  • DO YOU READ AHEAD OR SKIP PAGES? Reading ahead is not something you’ll ever see me do!
  • BREAKING THE SPINE OR KEEPING IT NEW? Breaking the spine! I love a pre used book more than a new one…
  • DO YOU WRITE IN BOOKS? Nooooope!
  • When do you find yourself reading? Morning, afternoon, evening, whenever you get the chance or all the time? ALL THE TIME
  •  What do you do first – Read or Watch? Always have to read the book before the movie, although it’s rare the books I read actually have adaptions.
  • What form do you prefer? Audiobook, E-book or physical book? Without a doubt physical book! Although I use my kindle too.
  • Do you have a unique habit when you read? Not that I can think of…
  • Do book series have to match? I don’t mind! I don’t actually own a single set of series…

TEN SHORT STORIES by Roald Dahl; Book review

I’m writing this review on a train journey,instantly after finishing the stories, of which I flew through. Roald Dahl is my favourite childrens authtor, and upon finding out he also wrote adult books, I was very excited to delve into them.

I have read very few short stories, so went into this book open minded. Some of the stories were 10 pages long,others only 3. I enjoyed how you could read an entire story in just a few minutes. The aspect I enjoyed most about these short stories in the particular were the endings, often witty and clever. Stories you want to share with others mid conversation.

There is an underlying darkness to ending of each story, which really adds another element, and often takes you by surprise. My favorite of the stories was ‘Parson’s pleasure’. The stories are too short to give you any details without spoilers..

Roald Dahl is an author I adore, and this collection of stories just emphasizes that. I love the language used, the attention to detail , the way the stories unfold. I was hesitate to read some of his books not targeted for children and I didn’t want my opinion tarnished. (not that it could) This book bought me so much joy.

I definitely recommend this book to all ages and genre lovers. I found this book for 30 cent in thrift store! I adore my copy, a vintage style and the pages are tinted with age. Oh so beautiful! If you have read my post on my book minimalism, you will understand how significent it is for me to keep this book on my shelf.

Definitely a 10/10 read!


Roald Dahl Day 2019

Roald Dahl is a very famous children’s author who I adore. My all time favourite book is written by Dahl; ‘Matilda’ which is the theme this time. The 13th September 2019 is Roald Dahl! A day to celebrate all the wonderful characters and work that he put into the world. I could not leave today without writing at least a few lines. Roald Dahl will always have a special place in my heart as an author!

Here is my top books written by Dahl:

  1. Matilda! A story I adore, and relate to the character in ways, especially being the only book nerd in the family! There is so many fab characters in this story alone! Miss Honey for starters!
  2. The BFG! I must have read this book as a young child, but reread it a few years ago as a young adult, and adored it! I love the BFG and Sophie! My favourite thing about this story is the language. ‘Hopscotchy’ ‘Whizzpopping’
  3. Boy! This is a book written in Dahl persective as a child. It is full of hilarious stories, that will make you giggle out loud!
  4. Charlie and The Chocolate factory! I remember getting this book inside an easter egg as a young child. (What happened to getting books inside eggs and cereal??) I feel in love, and after watching the movies too. It is such a creative story!

I have read all of Roald Dahl’s children books, and am going to add the adult books that I haven’t read yet to my TBR. He is one of my favourite authors, and am intrigued which book is your favourite? One day in the near future I hope to visit the Roald Dahl museum, although it is a long way away. Happy Reading!


World book day 2019/ Favourite children books


Here in the UK today, 7/03/19 is World Book Day! It’s mostly associated with going to school dressed up as your favourite book character and promoting children to read more. A very fun day, I have lot’s of fond memories of these days. As I’m an adult now, we don’t really do much. Instead I am going to do a blog post on my all time favourite childhood books. Here goes:

  • Matilda by Roald Dahl: This is my all time favourite book(&movie).
  • The Complete Tales Of Beatrix Potter: Peter Rabbit is a classic, and had to be included on this list! I have lot’s of special, vintage and new peter rabbit items,which I adore!
  • Winnie The Pooh: Another classic,and one I still adore to this day. If you haven’t seen the movie ‘Goodbye Christopher Robin’ that came out last year, you’re missing out! I still wear Winnie the Pooh clothes, pin badges ect. So cute!
  • The BFG by Roald Dahl: This author was probably my favourite once I began to read books on my own, so I’d probably include them all on this list,but BFG is one of my tops. Again this recently had a new movie that came out, which is really good! I adore the wording in this book, like Hopscotchy and Whizzpopping.
  • Best Friends by Jacqueline Wilson: My favourite author as a child, I read every single book she put out. My favourite show was Tracy Beaker which is a programme based of one of her books. There are so many good books from this author that I could include.
  • We are going on a bear hunt: This book was read to be so often as a child, especially in school. Rhyming book that everyone knows the words too.

Do you celebrate world book day?? Comment below, and share your favourite childhood story. Happy Reading!

Mental Health

The Paper Room (a poem I wrote about my brain)

This is hard for me to post,I didn’t plan on ever sharing. I am not a writer, I have never enjoyed writing but one night last year I couldn’t sleep(very rare for me) I wrote this ‘poem’. I’m not sure if I can call it a poem as I don’t know much about writing. I wrote about comparing my intrusive thoughts to pieces of paper, and how my brain processes them as if I were a recycling room. The perfectionist in me wants to this piece, but I’m not going to. Here is a first(a mostly likely the only time I’ll revisit this) draft:

All my happy thoughts and memories are stored neatly in categories in my brain, in a filing system. There is a little wicker basket placed on top of the filing system, full of all the stressful thoughts, that can’t be filed in the system. My brain doesn’t function stress, so the stressful basket of thoughts gets put into the recycling room, with all the other bad thoughts. So there isn’t a wicker basket at all.

Inside the recycling room, the metaphorical fan is left on, all the bad thoughts are flying around the room, in a mess. The days where my brain is stuck in the recycling room, it’s like my brain is full of negative thoughts that repeat repeat repeat as they fly around. There’s no organisation, just messy thoughts. You try and get in control of one thought of paper, when the next flies in front, before you’ve had time to hold onto the first. So you’re still left with racing negative thoughts all day. Being inside the recycling room nothing is achieved, just left down, hopeless and unproductive.

Days when I’m in the filing system are good, it’s in my comfort zone. My thoughts are structured and calm. This sounds perfect. Yet it means I can’t deal with any new things, and the stressful things never get done. Which leaves me being punished for not doing things, like eat and do homework.

I can’t find a way in-between these mind sets. My brain can’t process. I don’t know what to do in this paper room.


Emery Lord Author Review

I’ve never done a review of an author before, but thought it would be a good idea as I feel like some books don’t need a dedicated review post but I’d still like to talk about them. Today’s author review will be Emery Lord:


I first read The names they gave us, which I enjoyed the writing style and the development of characters, so decided to read another; ‘When we collided’,which is definitely my favourite book by this author. Open road summer is the only book I have a negative opinion on. I have enjoyed half of the books by Emery Lord, so would rate her 3.5/5 overall.

  • When we collided: I put this book on my top ya books on mental illness as I enjoyed this one thoroughly. It is about a young adult with Bipolar disorder. It was unique and felt they were trying to portray a genuine representation of the illness. Although they did entwine a long story into it, which I don’t feel was needed. I fell in love with all the characters in the story. 5/5.
  • Open road summer: Complete opposite to the above book. I didn’t enjoy the characters, I didn’t even complete this book (not like me) as I was far too cringey. Maybe better targeted at a younger audience. 1/5.
  • The names they gave us: This was the first book I read, which I randomly picked up in a charity shop without knowing anything of the author. To start with the cover is beautiful! I really enjoyed the story, again fell in love with of the characters, all very unique. I enjoyed the setting of the story,not something I usually focus on. An emotional read, I did shed a few tears on the main character and her mother. 4/5.
  • The start of me and you: I don’t have much to say about this one, I felt it was a very typical YA book on romance. It wasn’t bad, just nothing special. Sometimes I enjoy easy read books like this. 3/5.